Are Guinea Pigs Loud?

Are you looking for a guinea pig as a new pet to add to your family? You have a good taste for the type of pet. They are cute, social, and easy to keep. But do they make a loud noise?

Guinea pigs are loud because that’s how they communicate. They, however, make just enough sound to pass the information.

These pets are not too loud and will never make noise unnecessarily. Let us dive into this topic and learn everything we should know about guinea pig sounds.

Are Guinea Pigs Loud?

No. Guinea pigs are not overly loud, but they will still produce audible sounds. Guinea pigs use sound to communicate, just like your pet birds. So, don’t be surprised if they make a sound. Instead, try to understand what your guinea pig is communicating.

Before you add any pet to your home, you should understand its behaviors. If it is not what you are comfortable with, consider other options.

When Do Guinea Pigs Make Noise?

Guinea pigs are communicative and expressive rodents. They use vocals to express their feelings towards you, their status, or towards another guinea pig.

If they are in a good mood and excited in their cages, they may sound a little bit louder. Fortunately, their noises usually last a few minutes.

Guinea pigs are usually quiet animals at night. They will only make noises if they communicate among themselves. You may find the sound a bit loud to disturb your sleep if you have them in your bedroom. You can keep them in a separate room if that is the case.

Guinea pigs will also produce sound when they see you or when distressed. The distress can be due to hunger, unconducive temperature, or irritations. You will hear rumbling, growling, chutting, teeth chattering, purring, and many other sounds from your pet.

Common Guinea Pig Sounds

Guinea pigs produce different sounds depending on the situation or what they feel. As a pet owner, you should understand these sounds to attend to them appropriately. For guinea pigs, you will hear them producing all sorts of sounds, which include the following:

  • Rumble: This is a low pitch sound produced by male guinea pigs to inform the females that they want to mate. So, if you have only one guinea pig, you may never hear this sound.
  • Wheek: Your guinea pig will make this sound when they are angry. Just respond appropriately by feeding it, and it should stop the sound and start eating immediately.
  • Growl: This is a distress call. Your guinea pigs will make the sound if they are in danger, pain, or a strange thing approaching their cages. In some cases, the growling is directed towards other guinea pigs if they share the same guinea pig cage.
  • Chatter: Teeth chattering is the only way guinea pigs express their unhappiness, anger, or agitation. That is what happens when you put a new member in the cage.
  • Purr: The Purring sound is exclusive to guinea pigs and should never be confused with that from the cat. They will make this sound to express their satisfaction, happiness, or content.
  • Shriek: Instead of growling, some guinea pigs may make a shrieking sound when they sense danger, feel pain, or are uncomfortable.
  • Whin: Guinea pigs whining is a high-pitched moan made when the pets feel disturbed or bothered. That is usually among themselves, and you don’t have to interfere.

Is It Bad When A Guinea Pig Makes Noises?

No. It is common for guinea pigs to produce sound. If you cannot hear anything from your pet for a while, it may be unwell or in distress. Making sound is part of the active life of a guinea pig.

Guinea pigs are vocal. They use the sounds to communicate among themselves and to you as their sitter or caregiver. You have nothing to worry about if you understand their language.

What Sounds Do Happy Guinea Pigs Make?

Happy guinea pigs will produce purring sounds. You will hear that more often when petting or pampering your pet. The sound also means they are content and feel safe. In some cases, the same guinea pigs may make a chutting sound if they feel relaxed and happy.

What Sounds Do Guinea Pigs Make When Upset?

Your guinea pigs will chatter their teeth to express anger, unhappiness, and agitation. You will probably hear about this when introducing a new member into the cage. These pets may seem unfriendly towards each other at first, but they will get along quite well after some time.

Are Guinea Pigs Ever Quiet?

No. Guinea pigs are vocal pets, but they are not too loud. You will be able to live with them indoors without being bothered by their sounds. Also, guinea pigs will not make sounds for no reason.

They will only do so if they are trying to communicate. They will be quiet sometimes, especially when they sleep or are unwell. 

If you want your guinea pigs to stay quiet for most parts of the day, consider the following tips:

  • Use the appropriate cage size for maximum comfort
  • Create hiding places in the cage
  • Avoid introducing new things in the guinea pig cage. But if you have to, do it slowly.
  • Handle them carefully and stay calm as you speak to them.
  • Put play items in the cage
  • Introduce new diet step by step
  • Play soothing music to calm your guinea pigs

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In Short

Guinea pigs are not loud and will only make sounds when they need to pass a message. As a pet owner, you should know what different sounds made by guinea pigs mean. Understand your pet to care for it better.

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