Are Guinea Pigs Nocturnal?

Have you ever wondered about guinea pigs being nocturnal or diurnal? You might be wondering about their sleep cycle and how much playtime they need or when is the right time for them to be more active?

Many pet owners are curious to know whether their guinea pig is diurnal or nocturnal.

The truth is the sleep cycle of guinea pigs is irregular and they like to stay awake most of the time and only take short naps which do not last longer than ten to thirty minutes at a time.

If you are a guinea pig owner or thinking of adopting one then you are at the right place as we will discuss their sleeping habits, their most active time and much more.

Are Guinea Pigs Nocturnal?

No, guinea pigs are not nocturnal and they are not diurnal either as their sleeping habits are quite odd. Their sleeping schedule is quite different from other rodents as they are mostly awake during dawn when others are resting. 

Guinea pigs do not even close their eyes while sleeping as they are prey animals and their predators are nocturnal so they have to be careful to avoid being attacked. Their main predators are birds of prey, cats, wolves, snakes, and coyotes.

They avoid sleeping when their predators are awake and take a nap when their predators are asleep. Guinea pigs stay alert to avoid any danger and that is the reason they take little sleep to protect themselves from their predators.

Active Habits of Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are one of the most active animals and they need at least 2 to 4 hours of playtime.

But it all depends on some factors as the younger cavies are more energetic than the old ones because the latter can not be as active as the former due to their age or health issues.

You will notice your guinea pig running, playing around dawn and dusk as they are most active when they know their predators are asleep and there is no risk of going outside. 

Playtime is the most important part of keeping your guinea pig active and healthy. They love to socialize and play with others as they are more extroverted. To keep them entertained, let them get out of their cages and play on their own.

Guinea Pig Sleeping Habits

In general, guinea pigs usually awake during the day and sleep at night. Piggies usually sleep for four hours each day and ten to thirty minutes at a time.

They sleep too little as they are always worried their predators might attack them when they are napping. They start yawning or simply lay down when they feel sleepy or tired. 

Just like any other animal guinea pigs need proper sleep but if they spend more time sleeping then it must be a sign of severe health issues.

What Happens If Your Guinea Pig Is More Active At Night?

Guinea pigs stay more active at night when they are new to the environment as they feel more secure and safe. They feel they are at the safest place and their predators can not reach them. 

You can notice them playing, running, drinking and chewing. It is advisable to keep their cage away from T.V. or any other loud noisemaker to make them comfortable in the new environment.

If their activities keep you awake at night then keep their cage far from your bedroom.

Some Thought

Guinea pigs are very social animals and love to interact with people. If you have children at home then having a guinea pig as a pet is the best choice because they will get lots of playtime during the day.

They are not nocturnal but still awake at night as they take a little bit of time adjusting in the new environment. It is better to keep two guinea pigs at home as they love being in groups. 

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