Do Guinea Pigs Attract Rats?

So you have rats and guinea pigs at your home and you think the two are somehow linked to each other and have the question in mind, “Does my guinea pigs attract rats?”. 

In this article, we’ll talk about whether guinea pigs attract rats or mice, then what really attracts rats, if rats can hurt your guinea pigs, and how to prevent this from happening.

So let’s get this ball rolling and discover together whether guinea pigs can attract rats.

Do Guinea Pigs Attract Rats?

No, guinea pigs don’t attract rats there is nothing to do with guinea pigs and rats attracting each other or vice versa. Also, guinea pigs don’t get along well with rats.

However, the environment where a guinea pig is held certainly can attract rats, especially if the environment is in an unsanitary state.

For example, feces buildup, food leftovers and an unclean environment can attract rodents such as rats.

What Do Attract Rats?

Rats are scavengers with a tendency to rummage through rubbish bins and other areas looking for food. They are often attracted by an unsanitary environment.

The environment could consist of leftover food, too much pet waste, a dirty kitchen or backyard, and even dirty water sources.

Rats and mice might be attracted by smells and odors from pet waste, pet food, trash cans, barbeque grills, bird feeders, and even unharvested fruit and nuts from plants.

Maintaining good hygiene can significantly increase your ability to keep rats out of your yard.

Warmth and nesting spots also attract rats so be careful with the placement of your belongings within your house but keep in mind that your guinea pigs do not attract rats.

Can Rats Hurt Guinea Pigs?

Yes, rats are dangerous to your home and especially to your guinea pigs. As rats can carry harmful diseases and can transmit these diseases to your guinea pigs.

Rats are masters at getting inside; they can gnaw through hardwood flooring and the tiniest cracks. They often assault and occasionally kill adult guinea pigs. Every time, they go for and kill young guinea pigs.

Rats, on the other hand, are omnivorous predators that consume both plants and animals.

A rat could bite, but he won’t eat your guinea pig, but this is still problematic for your guinea pigs as rats carry deadly diseases which can be harmful to your guinea pig.

Additionally, rats are also dangerous in ways that they can hurt your guinea pigs through fights and can bite your guinea pigs which can cause serious problems for your piggies.

How to Prevent Your Guinea Pig From Attracting Rats

Your guinea pigs do not attract rats or mice, but their enclosures do, always keep the cages or enclosures of your guinea pigs clean at all times.

Remove any stool buildup, change the bedding regularly, and clean the cage at least once a week. 

Remove any waste or leftover food from your guinea pigs’ enclosure or cage. Keep the food containers clean and avoid any stray food that might come into your guinea pigs’ cage as well.

Check out this link for more information regarding cleaning the cage of your guinea pig.

Essential oils such as peppermint or lavender can also help you lessen the amounts of rats within your home if you spray them outside. You can also try having a diffuser with essential oils within your house if it’s possible.

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You can get either cats or dogs if you have rat problems, or you can also try using rattraps if ever you see rats or mice in your home.

You can also raise the enclosure of your guinea pigs as feces buildup or leftover food from them can attract mice, but not the guinea pigs themselves.

Always stay on top of things and maintain both your kitchen and backyard. Maintain its cleanliness at all times as dirty kitchens or backyards can attract rats.

If ever you might have a rat problem, consider getting professional help that could aid you in your rodent problem.

Key Takeaways

We have now discussed whether guinea pigs can attract rodents or not, and the answer is a resounding no.

Guinea pigs do not attract any sort of rodent, or bugs aside from ticks or fleas that can live on the fur of your guinea pigs.

It is of utmost importance that you keep the guinea pigs’ cages or enclosures clean, remove feces or stool buildup, change the bedding regularly and clean the cage at least once a week to ensure that no rodents can be present within your home.

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