Emergency Situations When Guinea Pig Ruptured Eye

Some problems in guinea pigs and other pets can be managed and are not deadly if a veterinarian is consulted promptly. However, some cases, such as a guinea pig ruptured eye, require immediate attention because they can be dangerous and even fatal.

Some pet owners try to handle such situations at home and don’t visit the veterinarian as often as they should.

This article will inform readers about circumstances in which they should seek immediate medical attention from a veterinarian. The article will also discuss the causes of guinea pig eye rupturing and how to avoid it.

Guinea Pig Ruptured Eye Is an Emergency Situation

A ruptured eye is an emergency situation, and the guinea pig requires constant care, or it will lose its eye. Injury, trauma, and serious infection can all cause an eye to rupture. Eye rupturing can occur if an infection in the tear duct or gland is not treated.

The tear duct is also called the lacrimal duct, infection in this duct leads to dryness in the eyes and dry eye gets ruptured when exposed to any foreign particle.

If left untreated, a guinea pig’s eye may be lost owing to excessive dryness. Because the infection affects both the lacrimal duct and the gland, it can sometimes be fatal.

All eye problems are always an emergency that requires the attention of a qualified veterinarian. As a result, whenever you notice a guinea pig with an eye problem, you should get medical advice from a veterinarian.

Cause Guinea Pig Ruptured Eye

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Guinea pig eye rupture is caused by severe injuries, trauma, and infections in the lacrimal gland and duct. While playing and fighting with the cage mates, the eye can potentially rupture.

Guinea pigs’ nails should be trimmed since sharp nails can harm the cornea and cause burst eyes.

A tumor or infection behind the eye can cause the guinea pig eye to rupture, pushing the eye outward. Because the sharp end of hay and grass might rupture the eye, a bulged eye can rupture when eating.

To avoid eye problems, appropriately introduce new guinea pigs to existing ones, trim nails, and treat infections.

What Should You Do?

Because a ruptured eye cannot be treated at home, a guinea pig must be taken to a veterinary hospital or clinic.

You should see a veterinarian as soon as possible if your pet eye becomes dry owing to a lack of lacrimal secretions. You can get your pet to the hospital by calling an animal or pet rescue ambulance.

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What Happens If Ruptured Eyes Are Not Treated in Time?

If ruptured eyes are not treated promptly, your pet may lose his or her eye and become blind. When an eye ruptures, aqueous fluid leaks from the injured area, causing the eye to shrink. Before the eye shrinks, it is vital to see a veterinarian.

It also depends on the sort of ruptured eye; if only the cornea is ruptured, the eye can be repaired even if you wait a while. If both the cornea and the sclera are ruptured, however, it is critical to see a veterinarian as soon as possible; otherwise, a pet’s vision may be lost.

Ruptured Eye Treatment

The treatment of a ruptured eye is surgery. If only one cornea is ruptured, surgery is usually simple, and your pet will recover quickly.

However, if the sclera is ruptured as well, surgery may be more difficult. In both circumstances, a veterinarian conducts surgery to control aqueous humor leakage from the sclera and cornea.


Can guinea pigs die from eye ulcers?

Eye ulcers can be due to trauma, injury, and infection. Eye ulcers can be treated, and guinea pigs who are treated frequently will heal quickly.

However, if they are not treated, an infection can develop, spreading to the cornea, sclera, and lacrimal glands and causing damage. As a result, the guinea pig may eventually lose its vision and die to infection.

Why is my guinea pig’s eye-popping out?

Infection or a tumor behind the eye causes guinea pigs’ eyes to bulge out. Blood vessels in the eye sockets can become infected or tumors, causing swelling behind the eye.

As a result of the swelling in the eye socket, the eye is pushed outwards, causing the eyes to pop out. So, bulging eyes are due to abnormal growths and swelling behind the eyes.

Can guinea pigs’ eyes fall out?

Eyes can fall out as a result of acute illness or enlarged malignancies in the eye socket. It doesn’t imply the eyes will fall to the ground, but they will look to be hanging out too much. As a result, it is critical to treat the tumor and eye infections on a regular basis.

How do you treat a guinea pig’s eye?

It all depends on the illness and infection your pet is dealing with. Entropion, rupture eye, ectropion, and tumors are examples of disorders that require surgery.

However, certain problems can be treated by eye drops, oral and topical medication such as conjunctivitis, bacterial and fungal infections.

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Eye disorders are extremely difficult to treat and control, necessitating the assistance of a professional. These issues cannot be treated at home with medications like those used by pet owners to treat digestive and respiratory problems.

So, take your small companion to the vet as quickly as possible so that it receives immediate treatment and does not lose its eye.

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