Why Does Your Guinea Pig Rock Back and Forth?

Guinea pigs are known for displaying a variety of behaviors while eating, breathing, and drinking. However, exaggerated movements of body parts can be a sign of any problem so why does Your Guinea Pig Rock Back and Forth?

Guinea pig owners should be aware of their pets’ unusual actions so that they can see a veterinarian if they notice anything unusual. The reasons for back-and-forth movements will be discussed in this article.

This post will also advise you when you should be concerned and visit a veterinarian.

Why Does Your Guinea Pig Rock Back and Forth?

Guinea pigs move back and forth due to various reasons. They could have inner ear problems, respiratory infections, or nerve system issues.

Guinea pigs’ ribs, muscles, nostrils, and nose likewise vibrate back and forth when they breathe; this is a typical and simple vibration of the lower ribs, muscles, nostrils, and nose. When they’re hot, female guinea pigs also rock back and forth.

Consult a veterinarian as soon as possible if you notice extreme movements. If the pet has an ear infection, the veterinarian will assess the symptoms; depending on the type of illness, ear drops may be more effective.

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In the case of guinea pigs having exaggerated movements, work with them to build confidence with gentle handling, going at their own pace. Ensure their environment is calm and predictable and they have all of the resources they need. Make sure there are no other pets (like cats or dogs) around them and that they have safe spots they can hide if they wish.

Sign of Inner Ear Infection

Ear infections are common in Guinea pigs, although inner ear infections are uncommon. If your guinea pig develops an ear infection, it will be unable to hear clearly and, if not treated, will go deaf.

Pupil discharge, pain, more ear wax in the ear, and hearing loss are all symptoms of an inner ear infection.

If you see these symptoms in your pet, you should see a veterinarian right once because inner ear infections can create nervous difficulties.

Inner ear infections can be bacterial or fungal, and they’re caused by a lack of hygiene, so keep the cage clean and disinfected on a weekly basis.

Early Signs of Heart or Breathing Issues

Back-and-forth movements might also be caused by heart problems. Obese and elderly guinea pigs are more likely to develop heart disease.

When thrombus forms in blood vessels, it causes heart issues, and when it reaches the coronary arteries, the guinea pig begins to rock back and forth.

Difficulty breathing, back and forth movements and sounds when breathing are all symptoms that a guinea pig is having breathing problems. A guinea pig with a heart problem will be restless, have breathing difficulties, and have high blood pressure.

Consult a veterinarian as soon as possible; otherwise, guinea pigs may die from respiratory or cardiac arrest.

First Aid When Guinea Pig Rock Back and Forth

The guinea pig could possibly be suffering from an inner ear infection or a neurological condition that can only be detected by a veterinarian. 

Whether the pet has a respiratory or cardiac problem, the veterinarian will use a stethoscope to try to listen to breathing sounds. So, as soon as possible, contact a veterinarian to assist your guinea pig and provide medications to alleviate the condition.

If it is not possible to visit a vet immediately keep your pet in a well-ventilated, clean, and hygienic environment. This will help guinea pigs to breathe more easily and avoid further difficulties as a result of the fresh air.

Is Rock Back and Forth Safe for Guinea Pigs?

Back and forth movements are harmless if a guinea pig has an inner ear infection because they cause the ear to secrete more ear wax, which traps bacteria.

However, it is not safe if a guinea pig has respiratory or heart problems. Because it is caused by respiratory or cardiac arrest, which eventually results in death.

Other Signs of Serious Problems That Can Cause Guinea Pig Die

If a guinea pig is suffering from respiratory and heart problems, rocking back and forth can be a sign of dying guinea pig. As a result, it’s critical to see a veterinarian as soon as symptoms appear.

Loss of appetite, inability to move, poor coat, lowering eyes, and extended breathing cycles are all indicators of dying guinea pigs.

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In Summary

Consult a veterinarian if you notice your pet rocking back and forth, as this could indicate that he or she is dying from respiratory or heart problems.

It’s also possible that your pet is suffering from another issue, like as an ear infection. As a result, a veterinarian will determine the root of the problem and prescribe medications to treat it.

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