4 Guinea Pig Starter Kit for Beginner

Many new cavy parents end up buying the wrong products or the wrong food for their pigs which adversely impacts their pet’s health and well-being.

To help you avoid this issue, we will tell you exactly what you need to buy before you bring your first guinea pig home. These starter kits have everything to help you make your guinea pig feel welcome and comfortable in its new environment.

Let us dive into the details:

What Do You Need For Your First Guinea Pig?

Guinea pigs make loving and entertaining pets and no doubt you’re looking forward to owning one for these reasons. But all these benefits can only come if your guinea pig is healthy and happy in its new home. 

Being prepared with a basic guinea pig starter kit will help your pet feel more welcome and comfortable and pave the way to developing a wonderful relationship with your pet.

Here are some things your Guinea pig will need:


A sturdy cage with a solid bottom is ideal for your guinea pig. The bare-minimum cage size for a single piggy is 7.5 square feet, or about 30”x 36”, although a bigger cage is preferred.

Water bottle

A sturdy, no-drip, and clean water bottle is essential to quench your pet’s thirst. Adult guinea pigs need water bottles of at least 16 to 32 oz. (about 250ml) capacity.

Food bowl

Select a wide and shallow food bowl non-tip metal bowl or food-grade non-toxic plastic bowl that can hold ¾ cup of food (about 126 g). It should be about 3 inches in diameter.

Hay Rack

A hay rack can keep your pet’s hay clean and prevent it from getting mixed with the bedding. It will also ease access to your pet to its hay. 

A hide house

Guinea pigs are prey animals so a hideout or a hide house can help them feel safer. 

Chew toys and treats

Chew toys and treats help wear down your pet’s constantly growing teeth. It also keeps them from getting bored.


The bedding for guinea pigs should be water-absorbent, comfortable, and safe. 


A basic starter kit for guinea pigs should have a scissor and a brush. These will help you take care of your furry pet’s basic grooming needs.

4 Guinea Pig Starter Kits for Beginners

We have selected 4 top-rated guinea pig starter kits. They contain most of the above basic supplies to make your pet feel more comfortable in its new environment. 

We have chosen these kits because they are fully equipped, easy to clean and maintain, safe, and durable. They also come with stellar reviews from real users.

A small guinea pig cage with full equipment

1. Ware Manufacturing Home Sweet Home Sunseed Guinea Pig Cage Starter Kit

Ware Manufacturing has designed this complete home for a new guinea pig. It comes with a cage, bedding, timothy hay, food bowl, wooden chews, and a water bottle.

The Company also gives you several coupons to help you save money on other guinea pig products.

You and your guinea pig will be very happy with the Ware Manufacturing guinea pig starter kit as it contains everything your pet needs – food and water feeders, tasty timothy hay, and a safe shelter with comfortable bedding.

The chew toys will keep it entertained as well. Ware has thoughtfully added a coupon booklet to help you save on future purchases.


  • Dimensions of the cage are 17.25 (D) x 28.25 (W) x 15.5 (H) inches. It is made of powder-coated wire and a durable plastic base. There is a bell on the cage.
  • 5 oz SunSeed® timothy hay
  • 16 oz. bottle with wire attachment
  • No-tip food bowl
  • Wooden chew toys
  • Hygienic bedding
  • Coupon booklet for additional savings!

Expert tips

  • The bedding included will last for a week, so purchase some more accordingly.

Pros and Cons – Ware Manufacturing Home Sweet Home Starter Kit for Guinea Pigs

– Easy to assemble and clean
– Ideal beginner cage
– Odor absorbent bedding
– Value for money
– Some cages were dented in transport and some had missing parts/accessories
– The height of the cage is short – debris tends to fly out.
Pros and Cons – Ware Manufacturing Home Sweet Home Starter Kit for Guinea Pigs

2. Amazon Basics Small Animal Cage Habitat With Accessories

Keep your furry friend comfortable and happy in this great cage with accessories. Amazon Basics guinea pig cage comes with a non-tip food bowl, a leak-free bottle, and a hay guard. 

The well-designed cage is easy to clean as it comes with openings on the top and sides.


  • Large cage with dimensions 104 L x 21.5 W  x 57 H inches
  • No tools required for assembling
  • Water bottle holds 8 oz water
  • Comes with a hiding area, a ramp, and balcony

The ramp and balcony area provide great hiding areas so you need not purchase them separately. Most users mentioned that their cavies found the JUMBO cage extremely comfortable. The ease of cleaning is an additional bonus.

Expert tips

  • If you find the bars too wide apart, add some chicken wire to secure the cage against escapes.
  • Cover the ramp with a cloth if your pet finds the plastic too slippery.

Pros and Cons Amazon Basics Small Animal Habitat with Accessories

– Spacious
– Very easy to clean
– Well-designed
– Value for money
– The bars are wide apart – some guinea pigs might be able to put their heads out between them.
– The ramp is slippery and many cavies had a tough time climbing up.
Pros and Cons Amazon Basics Small Animal Habitat with Accessories

3. LLSPET 3-in-1 Guinea Pig Hay Feeder Water Bottle Nail Scissors Set

LLSPET 3-in-1 guinea pig starter kit comes with a hayrack, water bottle, and basic grooming set. 

The reason why hundreds of users have loved the LLSPET starter kit is that it contains almost everything that one needs for a new guinea pig pet.

It is also easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning, prevents wastage of food and water, and – most importantly – is safe, hygienic, stable, and convenient.


  • Contains a food-plus-hay feeder, 1 water bottle, and scissors
  • The hay and food feeder is 6.9 inches high and 5.5 inches in width.
  • The stainless-steel roller water bottle has a capacity of 250 ml. It comes with an attachment to help you connect it to any cage.
  • Small scissors measure 3 x 2 inches and have ergonomic handles for better grip.

LLSPET has thoughtfully designed this guinea pig starter kit. Right from the time your pet comes home, you can ensure it will have access to adequate hay and food. Also, the water bottle will keep your little buddy hydrated.

The manufacturers of this great kit have designed it to be safe and stable. The feeder is sturdy and won’t tip over scaring your pet.

The leak-proof bottle prevents water wastage and comes with a stable attachment piece to help you attach it to the cage. The hay rack attached to the feeder keeps the hay from mixing up with the dirt.

All products are made with sturdy food-grade plastic and are non-toxic and durable.

The ergonomically designs scissors can help you trim your pet’s nails without getting too close to the ‘quick’.

Expert tips

To prevent leaks from the water bottle, fill it up to keep it full. A half-filled bottle is more likely to leak.

Pros and Cons – LLSPET 3-in-1 Guinea Pig Starter Kit

– Sturdy, durable
– Contains all that you need to get started
– Safe and hygienic
– Affordable
– Responsible seller, easy returns/exchanges
– Smaller/shorter guinea pigs cannot reach into the food bowl.
– The water bottle’s attachment piece had design issues in some units.
Pros and Cons – LLSPET 3-in-1 Guinea Pig Starter Kit

4. All Living Things® Guinea Pig Starter Kit

All Things Living has made this guinea pig starter kit that contains everything your little fella needs to relax and feel safe.

The cage comes with a bag of hay, some odor-control bedding, guinea pig food, hay rack, food dish, water bowl, a ramp, and platform. These items will take care of your pet’s dietary, exercise, and shelter requirements.


  • Dimensions of the cage are 29 (L) x 17.5 (W) x 22.5 (H) inches
  • There are 4 caster wheels that you can use for transporting the cage from one room to another. They can also be locked.
  • The water bottle holds 16 ounces of water
  • Bedding bag is 14 liter in capacity.

The cage has a ramp and platform to get your cavies to run, jump, and play. This is important for their mental health and to prevent obesity.

Expert tips

  • Add a staircase if your tiny pet is unable to use the ramp.

We’re sure you will love the All Living Things starter kit for guinea pigs. It is sturdy and well made and contains everything to make your pet feel welcome in the new environment.

Pros and Cons of All Living Things Guinea Pig Starter Kit

– Sturdy
– Value for money
– Portable and compact
– The ramp is slippery and most piggies were unable to climb upon it.
Pros and Cons of All Living Things Guinea Pig Starter Kit

Guinea Pig Cage Setup

A comfortable cage can help your guinea pig thrive. That is why guinea pig cage setup is very important and you should pay attention to its placement/location, temperature, and also the accessories inside it.

  • The ideal cage size for a single guinea pig is 7.5 sq. feet although the larger the better. Make sure your pet has adequate room to run and play.
  • A sturdy plastic cage is ideal. Avoid cages or hutches that have wired bottom as that could injure your pet’s paws. Also, avoid aquariums or glass tanks as they do not allow air circulation.
  • Whatever cage you choose, ensure it is predator-proof.
  • Avoid placing the cage in direct sunlight.
  • Add in plenty of staircases, ramps, hammocks, hide houses, etc.
  • Keep the food dish on one side of the cage and a water bottle attached to the opposite side. This will encourage your pet to move.


A guinea pig starter kit ideally consists of a cage, hay, hay rack, water bottle, food bowl, and a hideout. It should also come with ramps, platforms, and stairs. Some grooming tools like scissors are also a great addition.

All these accessories can help you make your guinea pig feel safe and comfortable while also taking care of its basic needs.

We recommend the Ware Manufacturing Guinea Pig Starter Kit since it comes with everything you need to get started with your cavy’s care.

Do check out our other recommendations as well.

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