5 Best Guinea Pig Cages For Small Spaces

Given the continued popularity of these small fuzzy critters as pets for many families, it’s critical to keep them comfortable and safe at all times.

Today, pet firms manufacture multi-functional guinea pig cages in a variety of sizes to accommodate any guinea pig.

All guinea pig owners want to provide their animals with the best possible life, which includes purchasing a cage that provides the greatest possible living environment for these small animals.

This blog is for anyone considering adding guinea pigs to their home, but who has a limited amount of available room.

Minimum Size Cage for Guinea Pig

When it comes to giving space for your Guinea Pig, more is always better. A single guinea pig requires at least 7.5 square feet of living space. This implies you need a cage that is around 36 inches long and at least 30 inches wide.

You’ll need to increase the area for two guinea pigs. You’re now looking for an enclosure with a minimum of 10 square feet of space. 

Pro tip: If you’re raising three guinea pigs, you’ll want a cage with at least 13 square feet of living space, which amounts to a 5 foot long by a 30-inch broad cage.

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5 Best Guinea Pig Cages for Small Spaces

Brief readers: how many products are you reviewing? Why did you choose these products?

 SizeMaterialNumber of guinea pigs
Living World Deluxe Habitat46.9 L x 22.8 W x 24 H inches Plastic1-2 Guinea Pigs
Guinea Habitat Guinea Pig Cage by Midwest47 L x 24 W x 14 H inches Alloy Steel2 Guinea Pigs
Kaytee My First Home30.5 L x 8.5 W x 18.5 H  inchesPlastic1-2 Guinea Pigs
Cavie Guinea Pig Cage & Rabbit Cage30.31 L x 18.9 W x 16.54 H inchesWire1 Guinea Pig
Midwest Guinea Habitat Guinea Pig Cage47 L x 24 W x 14 H inchesMetal2-3 Guinea Pig
Comparison of small guinea pig cages

Living World Deluxe Habitat

This Deluxe Habitat from Living World is a stylish and functional cage that your guinea pig will adore. It’s a hybrid cage, meaning it has a solid plastic base and a wire top.

This design allows your pig to enjoy plenty of fresh air and light while also making it simple for you to maintain the cage clean.

This spacious cage features a sturdy food dish, a hay guard, a water bottle, and hiding spots for your guinea pig.

The Living World Deluxe Habitat is a spacious, stylish cage with a rounded top that is suitable for a variety of animals. An epoxy coating that is non-toxic and resistant to rust and corrosion is applied to the surface.

It comes with an elevated platform with a hiding spot beneath it, which allows your pet to have some solitude. A tip-proof feeding dish is located on the raised platform, and a water bottle is also included with the set.

This cage also has a small balcony for your piggies to enjoy. Assembly is simple and does not necessitate the use of tools, and because the top can be removed, it is simple to clean.

Review: This is an incredible cage for a variety of reasons.

To begin, this is a spacious enclosure for two adult pigs, particularly if you lack the space to create larger enclosures and prefer a cage layout.

Second, it is really durable; you can lift it up by the cage and it will stay in place; it is also simple to dismantle the top half from the bottom half while cleaning.

Finally, it is visually appealing; the neutral colors allow it to be placed in open areas where it can be viewed without being an eyesore.

The medium and large sizes of this cage are too little for even a single guinea pig to be comfortable in, so better get the X-large.

● Set-up Instructions

  1. Take the things out of their package.
  2. Remove the plastic wrap that has been used to protect the product.
  3. The level with the feeding bowl is then placed into the cage.
  4. The next step is to build the cage’s sidewalls. There would be black pieces that would fit into the base’s corners.
  5. To secure the sides of the cage and make them stand up, insert the white fence into the black corners.
  6. Then, take the top section of the cage and flip it upside down, then attach the small black pieces that will secure it to the white fence.
  7. When you’re finished, flip the page over and insert the red locks by popping them in and twisting them. These will keep the top doors shut.
  8. Attach the top section to the cage’s foundation. Fit them in with a bit of pressure to ensure that they are secure and do not fall apart.

Living World Deluxe Habitat Pros and Cons

●      Easy to clean
●      The cage is halved into two parts that can be connected or blocked off
●      1 Year Warranty 
●      The platform isn’t reliable
●      The base isn’t secure  
Living World Deluxe Habitat Pros and Cons

Guinea Habitat Guinea Pig Cage by Midwest

The Midwest Guinea Habitat Guinea Pig Cage has plenty of room for guinea pig toys, which encourages energy and robust playtime.

Its modular design enables you to join multiple units together to create additional habitats as your guinea pig population grows. It’s simple to assemble and requires no tools.

Midwest’s Guinea Habitat Guinea Pig Cage is made of white-coated metal and measures 47 x 24 x 14 inches. It features a hinged entrance that allows for easy access to your fluffy buddy, as well as enough ventilation.

For increased security, the cage can be equipped with a top panel. This cage comfortably accommodates two guinea pigs and provides ample space for both guinea pigs to play and exercise.

Review: We have no regrets about purchasing this cage! 

This cage has the ability to be enlarged.

If you buy this while your piggies are infants and they get larger, or if you add another member to the family and discover that you need more space, you may add another cage to it without having to buy an entirely new product.

It is also reasonably priced. This habitat costs are substantially less than the bulk of other cages on the market.

Furthermore, this cage is larger than almost all cages seen at pet stores, giving them plenty of room to run about and interact freely.

Midwest is a great choice for pet parents concerned about space. The Midwest provides plenty of areas for guinea pig toys to inspire activity and play. 

● Set-up Instructions

  1. Slide the hooks on one end of the pen through the loops on the other end of the pen to connect the two ends of the pen. Because the top hook is longer than the bottom hook, it can be partially inserted while the bottom hook is aligned.
  2. On the outside, unlock the Canvas Bottom with the Velcro straps included. 
  3. Then, Place the Canvas Bottom inside the pen that has been built.
  4. Lastly, fasten the strap of the velcro to the pen in the following positions. Slip the lower strap around the bottom wire, then the upper strap around the fourth wire from the top.

Guinea Habitat Guinea Pig Cage Pros and Cons

●      Affordable
●      Two guinea pigs will fit comfortably
●      Cleaning is a breeze
●      Leak-proof pan
●      The walls provide good protection.   
●      It may be difficult to remove and clean
●      There are no wheels.  
Guinea Habitat Guinea Pig Cage Pros and Cons

Kaytee My First Home 

My First Home provides plenty of space for your favorite small critter while remaining compact enough to be placed on a dresser or tabletop.

The Kaytee My First Home package includes a habitat, a voucher redeemable for up to $10 off any Kaytee Guinea food, Clean & Cozy bedding, a water bottle, and a food dish.

Additionally, it features a deep plastic base to keep bedding contained and chew-proof latches and locks to keep pets safe and secure.

Designed in a fancy manner, the Kaytee My First Home Guinea Pig Cage has two raised platforms with two wavy ramps to allow guinea pigs to get to them.

A top-mounted entrance and a side-mounted door make it simple to administer to your pet’s needs.

To ensure your pet’s safety, the doors are equipped with chew-proof latches. Caster wheels make it simple to move the doors around your home for cleaning or to provide a change of scenery for your pet.

Review: The cage has exceeded our expectations! To assemble, simply unfold and snap the cage together. The deep tray is both durable and visually appealing because of its length. 

Despite being told that we did not need to purchase an extra-large cage, we did. So here’s a tip: Kaytee My First Home size large can already accommodate two guinea pigs. An extra-large one can fit three guinea pigs and is enormous.

● Set-up Instructions

  1. Remove the Wire Panels from their packaging and place them on a flat surface with the doorway facing up.
  2. Panels should be unfolded from top to bottom.
  3. Using the side panels as a guide, attach the back panel to both the right and left sides.
  4. Flip the wire to make it stand upright. Make sure you put the Comfort Shelf on the eighth bar from the bottom on the left side of the cage after you put it through a door. Snap the Comfort Shelf into place on the wire.
  5. Set up the plastic base on top of the wire cage, and make sure the wire tabs are inserted properly.
  6. Connect the loops at the bottom of the Wire Panel Set to the holes in the Plastic Base using the wires provided.
  7. The Safety Ramp can be attached to the Comfort Shelf’s edge by connecting the two prongs of the Ramp to the edge of the Comfort Shelf.

Kaytee My First Home Pros and Cons

●      This habitat contains only the essentials that any guinea pig keeper requires.
●      Ships equipped with a feeding dish, a bottle of water, food, and bedding
●      Easy to clean  
●      Hard to assemble
●      Flimsy plastic  
Kaytee My First Home Pros and Cons

Cavie Guinea Pig Cage & Rabbit Cage

One of the notable features that are beneficial to guinea pigs is that it is safe and secure, and it has a balcony with an access ramp that is ideal for resting your guinea pigs!


This cage has all the required attachments and is durable. This enormous cage has a separate area for guinea pigs. Finally, it’s easy to keep.

The Ferplast Cavie 80 Guinea Pig Cage is designed for your guinea pig’s comfort. It has a varnished wire mesh and a deep plastic base to hold dirt, debris, and bedding.

Feeding and watering are made easy with this cage’s hook-and-loop system. A large shelf serves as a second floor for your pet. For your pet’s convenience, the shelf has a cubbyhole.

This traditional cage also has a huge front door that can be fully opened to access the cage’s most difficult corners. A little hole on the top allows for quick touch-ups. The Cavie 80 is a compact cage with everything your pet needs to be happy.

Review: The guinea pigs absolutely adored this cage when we purchased it. It’s appealing to the eye without being distracting. Everything is held together with soft plastic clips that won’t hurt your pet’s delicate paws. 

New guinea pig owners will appreciate how easy it is to put up the environment and how many essentials are included.

● Set-up Instructions

  1. Remove the product from its packaging and arrange it neatly.
  2. Collect the door grid pieces for the cage’s side and upper sections and attach them using the plastic connections.
  3. After assembling the sides and top section, attach the base and add the accessories and bedding.
  4. Once the base and accessories are complete, insert the cage’s side sections into the base’s corners.

Cavie Guinea Pig Cage & Rabbit Cage Pros and Cons

●      Strong wire and durable bottom
●      Complete housing kit
●      Water bottle are equipped with a level indicator.
●      Includes a shelf and a hidden nook. 
●      Can only accommodate one full-sized guinea pig
●      Plastic bottom is prone to staining.  
Cavie Guinea Pig Cage & Rabbit Cage Pros and Cons

Midwest Guinea Habitat Guinea Pig Cage

For storage and transport, this Midwest Guinea Habitat Guinea Pig Cage neatly folds flat, and there are no tools or connecting pieces required to assemble this pet cage.

With a washable canvas floor and locking doors that double as ramps, this cage won’t leak. This pet cage folds flat for storage and travel and requires no equipment to construct.

This is a floor-bound cage that gives your pet eight square feet of living space. It has 14-inch floors on all of them and a canvas floor at the bottom of it. You can connect multiple units to make new habitats if your guinea pig population grows.

It’s easy to put together and doesn’t need any tools. Make sure the space is big enough for the guinea pigs that need it. You can also add toys and smaller areas to make it more like your pet’s style.

This cage keeps your pet safe and secure but doesn’t make them feel like they’re in a cage. Keep them safe: The cage walls are high enough to keep them safe, but the roof is open so you can look down and keep an eye on your furry friends.

Review: This cage is just great. It is extremely large for a reasonable price – less than the cost of purchasing the supplies to make one – but the canvas bottom is extremely difficult to clean. 

Even with bedding in it, because it gets so dirty and their “toilet spots” are so difficult to scrub out. I would recommend it, but only as a last resort. However,  we do not have any regrets about my purchase. 

A second or third piggy may be in your future, and this cage is ideal for that purpose. The addition of a second cage is simple and can increase the amount of room available.

● Set-up Instructions

  1. First, put the cage sides in place and make sure they’re aligned correctly.
  2. When you’re done, secure velcro across all of the cage’s corners.
  3. Attach the ramp cover to the divider once the canvas foundation is in place to protect your guinea pig’s feet.
  4. To secure the cage’s top section, insert the clips in position and add the cage’s top section.
  5. The bedding should be added once the cage is finished.

Midwest Guinea Habitat Guinea Pig Cage Pros and Cons

●      Two guinea pigs will fit comfortably in this cage.
●      Quick and simple access
●      Designed for future growth  
●      Expensive  
Midwest Guinea Habitat Guinea Pig Cage Pros and Cons

Tips Guinea Pig Cage Ideas for Small Spaces

Make Use of Maximize Your Space

To optimize space, vertically reorganize furniture and household things to make room for your Guinea Pig’s cage, also use smaller ornaments for your guinea pig’s cage so it has more space, but when you decide to let it run free inside your household, more space is needed.

Creative Locations for Your Guinea Pig’s Cage

Consider thinking outside the box when it comes to potential sites for your new pet’s accommodation.

We frequently squander room under furniture such as a TV stand or end table, so placing the cage in those areas will help you maximize your living space!

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If you don’t have the space for a huge cage, there are plenty of options for small-area guinea-pig cages.

Choosing the appropriate home for your pet comes down to weighing your options in terms of available space, desired living conditions, and budget.

The best guinea pig cage for a small space is one that has all of these considerations in mind when you’re looking at them.

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