What do Guinea Pigs Popcorning Look Like?

Have you ever wondered why your guinea pig starts popcorning suddenly or is there any purpose behind it? Is popcorning good or bad for your piggie?

Many guinea pig owners want to know the reason behind their piggies’ popcorning and the reason is just like humans cavies also get excited or happy which make them jump with joy. Popcorning is the natural way of guinea pigs workout.

Get ready to know the reason behind guinea pigs popcorning and whether it is good or bad. We will also explain how to make your guinea pig popcorn and what to do when they do not popcorn.

What do Guinea Pigs Popcorning Look Like?

While popcorning guinea pigs start jumping straight into the air or into the wall and they even change direction and squeak.

Piggies look like bucking bronco, or it seems they are riding a pogo stick while popcorning. Young cavies jump higher than the older ones because of the age factor. 

Credit: AnimalTV / YouTube.com

Why Do Guinea Pigs Popcorn?

Guinea pigs popcorn when they are happy or excited which means joy is the main reason for popcorning.

But in rare circumstances, cavies start popcorning when they are stressed, for example, if your guinea pig spots a cat, dog or any of their predators they start jumping with fear or freeze.

The reason for fear could not only be their predators but they also get scared with loud noises. You do not need to worry seeing your piggie popcorning, just notice their body language to know if it is because of joy or fear.

A Display of Joy and Happiness

When guinea pigs are happy they wheek, start popcorning, become more social and active.

They like to interact more with people or other piggies when they are overjoyed. In short, the happiness of guinea pigs depends on their well-being like diet, hygiene and surroundings.

To make your guinea pig happy, you should provide them with a balanced diet, yummy treats and good playtime. The cavies also get overjoyed when they get a cage mate as they love to stay in groups and enjoy being social.

You need to make sure the cage of your cavy is big enough for them as they love to run and play inside it.

There is no particular way to teach your guinea pig popcorn but if you want to encourage them to popcorn then offer them their favorite treat and command them by saying the word ‘popcorn’ when they run or keep playing with them regularly to make them comfortable.

Response to Fear

Understanding the behavior of your guinea pig is the most important thing and there are many reasons when cavies feel uncomfortable or terrified.

Running away from people or lowering their heads and ears when you try to touch them are the most common signs. 

When your guinea pig is scared or unhappy he starts fidgeting or throwing his head up in the air. Other signs of cavies being anxious or aggressive are teeth-baring and hissing, hair fluffing, and strutting.

There might be any reason behind their pain like a prior trauma, fear of people because of bad experiences or loud noises.

To reduce their fear or pain, try to give them time to adjust to the new environment. Always bring them safe toys and let them explore new places and people so your cavy can adapt to his surroundings.

How High Can a Guinea Pig Jump?

Guinea pigs can jump about 10 to 20 cm high. But there are a variety of factors that show the jumping abilities of a guinea pig.

The biggest factor is their age, young cavies jump higher than the older ones because adult cavies start developing some problems with their legs as they grow with time.

The pet owner needs to be careful when their cavy jumps as it might hurt them while jumping too high. Make sure any dangerous sharp objects or wires are not around your guinea pig when they are popcorning.

Why Does My Guinea Pig Not Have Popcorn?

All guinea pigs are different and there is no worry if they do not popcorn much as some cavies are more reserved than others.

The most common reason behind guinea pigs, not popcorn is either they are sick or feeling miserable. Age also plays a major role in popcorning as a younger cavy popcorn much more than the older one.

You need to keep your guinea pig healthy with regular checkups to make sure they are fit. A Guinea pig who is healthy will definitely popcorn and stay active more than the unhealthy one. 

Final Sentences

In short, guinea pigs popcorn when they are happy, excited or comfortable in the environment.

To keep your guinea pig popcorn, you need to maintain a proper diet and do other activities so they can stay active and healthy. Popcorning is a part of the exercise which keeps them energetic.

Keep regular play sessions with your cavy to make them feel loved and relaxed.

The most important thing to keep in mind is you need to be alert and careful about the surroundings when your guinea pig is popcorning. Their popcorning area should be secure and free from any dangerous things.  

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