How To Play With Guinea Pigs

Are you dreaming of spending quality time with your guinea pigs, and you just don’t know how to do it? We have created this post specifically for you. You will learn how to play with guinea pigs to keep them active and happy.

You can play several games with your cavies. We will talk about 7 interactive and fun games that guinea pigs like. Take this chance to strengthen your bonds, gain more trust, and learn your piggies more. Continue reading to find out all the details!

7 Things to Play with Guinea Pigs

Keeping your piggies active is your responsibility. You are not doing that just for them but for you as well.

Creating playtime for you and your cavies will improve your contact time to monitor them and build trust with them. You can both spend some sweet time together to reduce boredom.

Playing removes the boredom that guinea pigs develop while in the cage. You will be doing it on a free space on the floor or lawn where the piggy can run as much as it possibly can.

Think of using toys or creating interactive games, some of which are as described below:

Play with Toys: Obstacle Course

Many guinea pig breeds are curious and playful. They like very engaging activities such as obstacle courses. You will be surprised just how they can find their way through the barriers to the exit in just a few attempts.

You can create an obstacle course using just cardboard. If you have the boxes lying around the house, you can cut them into sizable pieces and use them to construct the pathways.

Create a maze-like course or any other design for your guinea pigs.

When making this obstacle course, ensure you provide enough space between the wall barriers to allow guinea pigs to turn.

Also, you can change the pattern often to keep the cavies entertained. Their curiosity will keep them trying to find their way through. Reward them at the end before changing the course to motivate them.

For this, you may choose cardboard or water bottles to create a maze. The obstacle course can be as long as you deem fit.

Chase Games

Chase games will keep your cavies’ physicality in check. It is a simple game that gives your guinea pigs just the exercise they lack while in their cages.

Tie their favorite snack using a string and drag it on the floor as you watch your guinea pigs give a chase. Since cavies like food, there is no way they will let that slip off their grasp. They will continue chasing until they get it.

Of course, you should let them get hold of the snack after some time of chasing. Repeat the chase game as long as you want, but don’t exhaust your piggies. Know when to stop the game and return them to the cage.

Guinea Pig Race when Called

If you have trained your guinea pigs to respond when called, this can be an entertaining game for you.

Alternatively, you can show them that you have a snack on the other side so that they may start racing as soon as you release them at the other end.

The task is to make the racetracks. You do not want the piggies to be crossing into each other’s way or tripping over.

Create tracks with rows of heavy items of reasonable height, not too high or low. Ensure that you use safe materials that cannot cause any injuries to the cavies.

Place the guinea pigs at the starting line and move to the other end. Show them the treat or call them and cheer as they race towards you. This, however, may not be the best game for you if you keep just one guinea pig.

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Take Your Guinea Pig on a Tour

Your house might have more fun things for your piggies than you thought. Find time to take it around the house. It may seem a small task, but you will be making your pets happy by seeing different objects. Of course, not all will be suitable.

You can take your guinea pig to the bedroom, kitchen, laundry room, and patio. When done touring, play push and pull games with blankets and clothes. Also, try giving the cavies a ride on the same blankets or swing them around.

This interactive tour around the house will increase contact and build trust between you and the guinea pigs.

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Guinea Pig Curiosity Test

You can satisfy the curiosity of your piggies with one of the many floor games available. One such game is the piggie explorer.

You will need some toys that the guinea pig can toss and small boxes with bedding. With the stage set, sleep on the floor and watch guinea pigs explore their surroundings.

Some may come straight to you and start climbing on you, while others will be distracted by the toys and any other object in their space. Just keep watching. If you like, you can film the entire session and share it with your friends to extend the fun.

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Play Peek-a-boo

Peek-a-boo or hide-and-seek is the best game to play with your guinea pigs to boost trust and strengthen bonds. The curiosity of these cavies will make them interested.  

If your guinea pigs don’t know about the peek-a-boo game, you may spend some time training them. Use a blanket or sheet and hide behind it as the cavies watch.

Shake it from the inside, and due to their curiosity, they will come looking for you. As they approach you, pop your head out of the blanket and say Peek-a-boo in a low tone not to scare them.

Repeat this game many times until your guinea pigs master it so that you can simply say Peek-a-boo next time to get it rolling.

Food Challenge

If you feel that your guinea pigs are bored, you can uplift their moods by creating a food challenge. They will naturally let any food slip their grasp. Take advantage of that to play games with them. The method is effective and even used in zoos.

Find a hollow plastic container or any other non-edible material. Put favorite snacks in it and watch as cavies struggle to get the food out of the container.

That, in itself, is entertaining to watch. As with other games, you can film the entire ordeal to watch later.

Guinea pigs take new challenges positively and always strive to solve the puzzle. In this case, they will even have a better reason to do it. A reward is guaranteed after the long struggle.

3 Tips to Play With Guinea Pigs

Every game must be entertaining to both parties. The same applies when you take your piggies out. You should ensure their comfort and constantly monitor their reactions.

Use the following tips to get the best out of the time you spend playing with your pet:

Pay Attention To Their Personality

Guinea pigs are generally active and playful animals. Watch out for any signs of distress, boredom, or dissatisfaction when playing with them. They should stay focused on the game and actively participate as expected.

If you realize that your guinea pigs are not open or just not ready to engage in the game, find out what causes the problem or change the game.

Choose the Best Location

Guinea pig cages are usually squeezed. There is no space to play or roam as they would want to. In that case, take them out to the floor, lawn, or anywhere comfortable and safe.

Remove any elements from the space that can potentially harm or poison your cavies.

Most games are best played on the floor. So, free up some floor area in your house to have quality time with your pet.

Check the Guinea Pig’s Reaction

Game time is the best time to examine your guinea pigs. Monitor their reactions to various games. Look for any signs of pain, distress, or unusual posture when walking or running and address the situation accordingly.

Happy guinea pigs should be popcorning and squeaking. If that is not the case, your piggies may be sick and need treatment.

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Wrapping Up

Playing with your guinea pigs strengthens bonds, promotes physical health, builds trust, and keeps your piggies healthy.

We have detailed a few games in this article that you can play with your piggies for quality time together. You can explore other available options.

Thank you for your time at Petsive. We appreciate everything and invite you to explore this website for more content about keeping your guinea pigs.

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