How Much Is a Black Hairless Guinea Pig?

You probably want to get a new guinea pig but wondering which breed and color will be the best for you? Will a black hairless guinea pig make an ideal choice, or should you go for something different?

Getting a new pet or buying a pet for the first time can be exhausting, which is why this blog is focused on making your buying decision an easy one. 

One of the most unique and beautiful-looking guinea pigs is the black hairless guinea pig. There are not many of them around, and when you do find one, they are quite expensive. 

This blog is going to answer questions around the black hairless guinea pig – which include “what do they look like, are they really hairless, and how much do they cost?” In the end, you will know whether you can afford one or not.

How Much Is a Black Hairless Guinea Pig?

Generally, a hairless guinea pig will likely cost you about $100 – $300 since they are not a regular-haired guinea pig breed and are rare to come by.

The black hairless guinea pigs being more common than other color variations, will cost you between $100 – $200, which is a bit more than the average price.

However, this depends on the age of the animal, health condition, and where you’re buying it from. 

But please keep in mind that the average life expectancy for these small creatures is about five to eight years.

That means you’ll be looking at potentially having to pay for food and veterinarian visits over the course of its life. This will cost you at least an additional $40 a month. 

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Where to Buy a Black Hairless Guinea Pig

There are many places called “pet stores” from which you can buy pet animals. But the issue with using most of these outlets is knowing if they sell viable animals or not.

To take the burden off your shoulders, we have carefully researched the best vendors you can use with peace of mind. 

A couple of these credible vendors you can buy black hairless guinea pigs from with ease of mind include:

Hairless Guinea Pig Colors Range

Even without having luxurious hair, the hairless guinea pigs are just as colorful as their haired counterparts. They are commonly available in white, black, chocolate brown, golden, cinnamon, gray, pink, and a variety of other colors

Being products of a genetic mutation which do not occur naturally on its own, the hairless guinea pig breeds are often not common to come by. And when you do find one, they are usually expensive. 

However, among the color variations listed above, black is still common compared to others.

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Wrapping Up

If you’re looking for a cuddly pet that’s easy to take care of, the hairless guinea pig is the pet for you. They don’t require much maintenance, especially when compared to a dog or a cat, and they’re very affectionate once they get to know you. 

Talking of how much you can get them – there is a wide range of prices for these little pets, depending on the breeder you purchase from, their health condition, and the color you are looking for.

Some breeders will sell their hairless guinea pigs for as low as $100, while others will be closer to $500 or more. 

Of course, these prices may vary based on the color of the guinea pig and the health condition as well. For example, pink, golden, or cinnamon hairless guinea pigs are going to be more expensive than the typical black hairless guinea pig.

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