7 Top-Rated Guinea Pig Accessories to Buy

Owning guinea pigs can be a rewarding experience and if you have one, you are in for plenty of companionship and warmth. In addition to healthy food and a clean and spacious cage, your pet will also appreciate certain guinea pig accessories.

Guinea pig accessories will make your pet feel at home. Some accessories can help you meet your pig’s exercise needs so it can remain at an optimum weight. Certain accessories can go a long way in keeping the cage clean or feeding your pet.

In this guide, we cover

  • The Benefits of guinea pig accessories
  • 7 best guinea pig accessories every cavy needs
  •  And more.

Let us dive straight into it.

Why Do People Need Accessories For Guinea Pigs?

There are several reasons why a guinea pig needs certain accessories. The right accessories can provide numerous benefits for your tiny pet to enhance its overall health and well-being. Here are the top benefits of guinea pig accessories:

#1. Helps expend energy

Guinea pigs are little bundles of energy. They need proper outlets to help channel that energy in a positive manner. Without accessories, your cavy could get bored or might even display behavioral issues.

Accessories like leashes help you take your little bundle out on walks in a safe manner. Playpens provide your pet with a safe place to jump and play. This can help your pet burn off calories and release feel-good endorphins.

#2. Prevents anxiety and depression

With the right guinea pig accessories, you can prevent anxiety and depression in your pet. If you house one guinea pig, then it is even more important to invest in sturdy accessories.

Single cavies can get depressed and lonely. Without physical activity, they could even develop anxiety and other behavioral issues.

#3. Helps with feeding

Some guinea pig accessories like water feeders and treat dispensers can be very useful for feeding or watering your pet. They easily attach to your pig’s cage and make accessing them easier.

#4. Helps fulfill your pet’s instincts

In the wild, your little pet is used to climbing trees, hiding in caves, running, jumping over rocks, etc. With proper cage accessories like hammocks and rope toys, your guinea pig can experience those activities as well.

 Even though these toys and accessories may not be like real tree branches or rocks, they can provide hours of exercise to your cavy and could fulfill those instincts in your pet.

#5. Keeps your pet/s healthy

Exercise playpens, balls, and hammocks can help your pet move and burn off calories. This can keep its weight in check. Remember: guinea pigs are prone to weight gain.

Similarly, chew toys like rattan balls or applewood/natural wooden chew toys can keep your pet’s ever-growing teeth in good health and prevent digestion problems and subsequent health issues.

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 What Accessories Do Guinea Pigs Need?

In addition to a spacious and clean cage, your guinea pig can benefit from the following accessories:

  • Bedding – clean, dry bedding made from aspen, paper, or other soft materials. Change wet bedding every day.
  • Litter trays – A litter tray with the right fillings will keep your pet’s cage clean.
  • Bowls/food dispensers – Food bowls will ensure that your pet can eat when it wants. Remove uneaten food every day 
  • Hay racks – Hay stand to keep the hay neatly in place.
  • Water bottle or bowl – Fresh drinking water is a must-have for guinea pigs.
  • Harness and leash – to take your pet out for a walk.
  • Playpen – to give a safe enclosed area for your cavy to jump and run.
  • Diapers – You can make these at home or buy ready-made ones. 
  • Chew toys – This can keep your pet’s sharp chompers at the optimum height.
  • Hide house – Guinea pigs need hideaways as the ability to hide and escape is very important for them.

What Accessories Can You DIY?

There are several guinea pig accessories you can DIY. They include:

  • Hidey house – you can easily make this with some wood, glue, and clamps
  • Treat dispenser roll made with cardboard – Use some cardboard or an empty toilet roll, tape (or glue), and hide food bits in the roll for your bored pet to gnaw on.
  • Treat hanger – Use some clothespins and string together some treats on a rope
  • Dangling toys – made with some yarn
  • Hay socks – Stuff up an old (but clean) sock with some timothy hay. Cut in some holes and keep your pet busy for hours.

What Do Guinea Pigs Like To Play With?

Guinea pig accessories fall into two categories: one to make life convenient and the other to help them expend that energy and alleviate boredom.

The latter include toys and boy do guinea pigs love them!

Most guinea pigs love the following toys:

  • Hanging toys – These toys have the dual advantage of providing your pet with some reaching/stretching exercises. They also remain relatively clean as they are off the cage floor. Hanging toys are super easy to DIY – simply cut up some yarn, wrap it around a toilet-paper tube, and hang it up!
  • Tube toys – guinea pigs seem to love the tubular shape. They will gladly gnaw on them or simply have a joyful time flinging them around their cages like infants! If your pet gnaws on toys, then make sure they are free from harmful glue.
  • Cat toys – Some guinea pigs love these, while others may get scared of them. Cat toys such as balls with bells should not be too loud or noisy to scare timid piggies off.
  • Bird toys – these come with mirrors and beads and bells. Make sure there are no choking hazards with tiny parts.
  • Hideouts – As mentioned, your pet loves to hide as it is an instinct. The thing with hideout is that it needs regular cleaning to prevent bacteria. So, try to use the disposable cardboard ones or buy washable ones.
  • Squeaky toys – do not that these could scare some piggies.
  • Baby toys – wooden baby toys made of hardwood are generally safe for cavies.

What To Look For In A Good Guinea Pig Accessory? 

According to Patricia Coan, DVM, Ph.D., associate clinical professor in Veterinary Sciences at Oklahoma State University, guinea pig owners should look for safe, healthy, and eco-friendly guinea pig accessories.

She recommends the following tips to keep in mind when selecting accessories:

#1. Safe, Eco friendly, and Non-toxic

Accessories and toys made of hardwood, applewood, food-grade plastic, paper, or cardboard are generally safe for cavies. Most pigs love to gnaw on them.

Toys and accessories made of paper towels and empty toilet paper rolls are safe even if your guinea pig swallows a bit of them.

If you choose wooden toys, make sure it is untreated applewood. Avoid giving branches or twigs to your pet as they could have mold, bugs, and parasites that could cause stomach upset in your pets.

#2. Easy to Play With

Certain shapes are more enticing to your guinea pigs. These include round/spherical shapes (rattan balls, carved wooden balls), conical or cylindrical shapes (carrot-shaped toys, tubes from toilet paper, cardboard rolls, etc.) and dumbbells carved out of wood.

These are safe as long as there are no sharp edges to hurt your tiny pet.

Avoid large toys made for cats and dogs as they could intimidate your small pet.

The size of the accessories you select should be proportionate to your pigs’ size. Most average-sized guinea pigs will love toys and accessories that are specially made for hamsters, gerbils, and small rabbits.

For example, a rattan ball can be around 2.4 inches in diameter so it won’t pose a choking hazard.

#3. Easy to Clean

You need to clean all of your pet’s toys and accessories from time to time. So make sure that they are easy to disinfect. You certainly don’t want to spend hours scrubbing them.

Alternatively, you can go for the DIY toys which can be tossed out every few weeks to be replaced with new ones.

#4. Affordable

Sure you love your piggies but you certainly do not want to overspend on the accessories. Look for durable yet affordable toys that won’t need you to spend too much on them.

7 Top-Rated Guinea Pig Accessories with Reviews – 2022 Top Picks

Keeping your guinea pig healthy and happy is one of the most important responsibilities you have as a cavy owner. We recommend these 7 great accessories as they are easy to use, safe for your pet, easy to clean, and also affordable.

NameSafe And Non-ToxicEasy To Use/PlayEasy To CleanCost (around)
#1. Rypet Guinea Pig Harness and LeashYesYesYesUnder $10
#2 Super Absorbent Guinea Pig Disposable DiaperYesYesYesUnder $50
#3 Water Bottle Pet Auto DispenserYesYesYesUnder $15
#4 Small Pet PlaypenYesYesYesUnder $25
#5. Rosewood Boredom Breaker Trio of Fun BallsYesYesYesUnder $15
#6. Small Animal Hanging Hammock Pet Swinging YesYesYesUnder $15
#7. Hay FeederYesYesYesUnder $30
List of guinea pig accessories

#1. Rypet Guinea Pig Harness and Leash

The problem with most guinea pig harnesses is that they are either too small or too huge. This is where Rypet Guinea Pig Harness is different. It fits most piggies perfectly and also makes them look cute!

Most importantly, Rypet harness and leash are extremely safe for your tiny pet. Your kids can have fun walking your Cavy out in style!


  • Made using soft and breathable nylon mesh
  • Available in 2 sizes – small and medium
  • Two attractive colors – blue and pink
  • The leash is around 4.4 ft long
  • Stainless steel clips with bells.

Rypet harness and leash are easy to put on your pet. Most pigs take to it easily although a few tried to wriggle out of it. The material is soft and comfortable and won’t chafe or rub against your tiny pet’s fur. 

Rypet also gives you a refund guarantee and their customer reps are available to answer queries regarding sizes.

It is also versatile enough to use on other small animals like chinchillas, teacup dogs, etc.

Expert tips

  • Measure around the widest parts of your pig’s chest and neck so you can get the appropriate size.

Here is an informative video on how to put on a harness on a guinea pig.

Rypet Guinea Pig Harness and Leash  Pros and Cons

– Safe and non-toxic
– Comfortable, breathable, soft
– Durable
– Affordable
– Easy to use
– Refundable/easy to return or exchange
– Some pigs hated it
– A few users reported size issues
– Some found it hard to put on
Rypet Guinea Pig Harness and Leash  Pros and Cons

Rypet Guinea Pig Harness and Leash

#2. Super Absorbent Guinea Pig Disposable Diaper

Every guinea pig cage litter box needs a disposable diaper pad. These super absorbent disposable guinea pig diapers from Amakunft come in 100-piece packs that easily last over 3 months.

They are super absorbent and easy to dispose of. They will keep your pet’s cage clean and hygienic.


  • Each pad measures 18 x 13 inches or 33 x 45 cm
  • Made with in-built polymer highly absorbent material 
  • Feature anti-leak liners to keep the cage and your floors free from pet urine

Amakunft toilet training litter pads are best sellers for a reason and hundreds of thousands of small pet owners are highly satisfied with these pads.

They are suitable for most litter boxes, eco-friendly, and non-toxic. They are also easy to use and easier to dispose of. These absorbent pads are also unscented so they won’t irritate your sensitive guinea pigs.

Expert tips

  • Put these pads on the bottom of the litter tray and the litter on top. No smell and your pets will be clean and happy!

Amakunft Super Absorbent Guinea Pig Disposable Diaper Pros and Cons

– Easy to use
– Easy to dispose
– Last long
– Affordable
– Unscented
– May not be suitable if you have multiple pigs. Too much urine could soak through within 12 hours
– Small-sized for some animals.
Amakunft Super Absorbent Guinea Pig Disposable Diaper Pros and Cons

Pet Toilet/Potty Training Pads, Super Absorbent Guinea Pig

#3. Water Bottle Pet Auto Dispenser

If your hamster or guinea pig chews on plastic water dispensers, then this water bottle from Wontee Store is what it needs.

The 2-in-1 water dispenser is chew-proof and made with an eco-board which is safe and nontoxic. It also comes with an attractive base from which your pet can feed. Unlike other plastic accessories, this one does not have any plasticky smell.


  • The base is 2.7 x 5 inches and height is 5 inches
  • Water-bottle is 6 inches including the nozzle
  • Made using pet-safe, eco-friendly, renewable material
  • Easy to open and refill water
  • Innovative rolling ball design – your pet has to lick to get the water flowing.

Expert tips

While filling the water squeeze the sides. This will form an air bubble. Now fill the bottle to the top and tighten the lid tightly. This will prevent leaks.

Wontee Store Water Bottle Pet Auto Dispenser Pros and Cons

– Renewable, safe, chew-proof
Innovative design
– Easy to assemble and fill up
– Easy to clean
– A few leaks reported
Wontee Store Water Bottle Pet Auto Dispenser Pros and Cons

Water Bottle Pet Auto Dispenser

#4. Small Pet Playpen

Let your guinea pigs play securely in this multi-colored safe and durable pet pen from Prevue Pet Product Store.

Most users found the Prevue playpen easy to assemble and also store when not in use. You can also wipe it clean without any hassle.


  • Creates a play area of 36-inch diameter or 4-sq.ft space.
  • Has 8 panels which measure 13” (L) x 9” (H) x 36” (W)
  • Made with safe, acrylic plastic powder coated with non-toxic steel mesh

Expert tips

  • Can be combined with other playpens from Prevue Pet Store to create an even bigger play area.

Prevue Pet Store Playpen Pros and Cons

– Easy to assemble 
– Spacious
– Maneuverable
– Sturdy
– Easy to clean
– Some guinea pigs could easily scale the walls and escape.
Prevue Pet Store Playpen Pros and Cons

Prevue Pet Products Multi-Color Small Pet Playpen

#5. Rosewood Boredom Breaker Trio of Fun Balls

Guinea pigs need chew toys to keep their constantly growing teeth from getting too sharp. These Boredom-Breaker balls from andwe brand are the perfect alternative to plastic toys.

They satisfy your pet’s natural chewing instinct and could also prevent dental issues like abscesses.


  • 3-inch balls – perfect size for small jaws.
  • Made with natural materials like seagrass, coconut fiber, rattan, water hyacinth, etc.
  • Safe and non-toxic

Expert tips

  • Provoke your pet’s interest in the toys by adding some treats inside the balls.

andwe Fun Balls Boredom Breaker for Guinea Pigs Pros and Cons

– Natural toys, safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly
– Satisfy natural foraging instinct in pigs
– Durable
– Sturdy
– Value for money
– May not last too long if your pet chews aggressively.
– Some pigs refused to play with them.
andwe Fun Balls Boredom Breaker for Guinea Pigs Pros and Cons

andwe Small Animals Play Balls Rolling Chew Toys & Gnawing Treats

#6. Small Animal Hanging Hammock Pet Swinging 

Every guinea pig cage needs a sturdy hammock to jump up and down, hide, or take a nap in it. Fazhongfa’s hanging hammock is perfect for small pets like guinea pigs. It comes with sturdy clips to easily attach to the cage.

Its machine washable material makes it easy to keep it clean. The material is soft, allows ventilation, and will keep your pets safe, comfortable, and warm.


  • The ideal size of 11.8 x 11.8 inches
  • Made with 3-layers of breathable, bite-proof canvas material
  • Soft, irritation-free, and comfortable for your pigs
  • 4 sturdy clips to secure it to the cage easily
  • Machine-washable
  • Available in 4 fun, bright, and attractive prints. Reversible too.
  • Can accommodate multiple pets

Expert tips

To clean the hammock, soak in warm water and vinegar. This will remove odors and stains if any.

Pros and cons of Fazhongfa’s hanging hammock

– Safe, chew-proof, durable
– Easy to use, easier to clean
– Bright and attractive
– Cozy and comfortable
– Affordable
– Some designs faded slightly after washing.
Pros and cons of Fazhongfa’s hanging hammock

fazhongfa Small Animal Hanging Hammock Pet Swinging Bed 

#7. Hay Feeder

If your guinea pigs are inactive or tend to waste too much hay while feeding, then you need a hay feeder. This hay feeder from Rural 365 can be easily moved from one end of the cage to another to keep your piggies moving about.

Moreover, it prevents precious hay from falling to the bottom of the cage and mixing with litter or bedding. This can help you save money on hay.


  • Dimensions: 4.2 inch opening for easy filling, 9.7-inch height, with an overall diameter of 7.6 inches. The opening between the cage bars is 1-inch wide -easy for small animals to pull the hay out easily.
  • Constructed with untreated, unfinished wood – safe and non-toxic.
  • Holds up to 0.5 lb. or 0.2 kg of Hay
  • Can feed 1-4 small animals at once.
  • Available in square and round shapes

Expert tips

  • Pack in the hay tightly if you have multiple piggies feeding at once.

Pros and cons of Rural 365 Hay Feeder

– Safe natural wood, non-toxic and untreated
– Looks neat and keeps the cage clean
– Can feed multiple small guinea pigs
– Prevents hay wastage
– Encourages pets to get active while feeding on lots of hay
– Easy to assemble
– Some pigs pooped in it
– Some pigs chewed it up – but worry not, it is non-toxic!
Pros and cons of Rural 365 Hay Feeder

Rural365 Rabbit Hay Feeder Rack for Small Animals

Final Verdict 

Guinea pigs need some accessories to keep them active, safe, and comfortable. They also need accessories that can encourage them to move about and exercise. There are many great guinea pig accessories available in the market these days.

We recommend the Rypet Guinea Pig Harness and Leash to encourage your pet to get active. We also recommend the Super Absorbent Guinea Pig Disposable Diaper to absorb urine and keep the litterbox and bedding clean.

You can also invest in this great  Water Bottle Pet Auto Dispenser and this Small Pet Playpen. These accessories will surely make your pet feel at home and also keep it in optimum health.

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