Guinea Pigs Suddenly Disappear: 5 Cause and 2 Tips To Find Them

Guinea pigs, as opposed to their names, are South American rodents. Their number became limited. Presently, guinea pigs are kept in the house as pets.

However, Keeping guinea pigs is not easy because they can get out of their cages and disappear. Their instincts will always tell them to hide.

But what else causes these attractive pets to disappear, and how do you find them when lost? Continue reading for answers!

Why Do Your Guinea Pigs Suddenly Disappear?

Your guinea pigs are likely to disappear at some point in their lives. But if you are reading this, you are likely facing the problem. Whether the cage is indoors or outdoors, guinea pigs can still slip away unnoticed.

Guinea pigs can get out of their cages for various reasons, including but not limited to the following:

It Had Fallen Out And Is Hiding Somewhere In The House

If the guinea pig is not in the cage, it has likely fallen out. If the guinea pig cage is indoors, the pet will be hiding in one of the dark places in the house. But if you caged your guinea pig outside, it may be in the backyard or run back to the wild.

Guinea pigs that have fallen out of cages outdoors are at the highest risks of getting picked up by predators. If they don’t find a safe hiding place sooner, they can be someone’s dinner. You need to fasten your search if that is the case.

In the case of indoor cages, you can still hold your head high because it can’t be far. However, the time it has gone missing also plays a role.

If you care about your pet, you will probably notice when it is not in the cage after a few hours. Commence the search as soon as possible. We will discuss more on this in later sections of this article.

It Had Fallen Out And Been Killed By A Predator

Guinea pigs are extinct in the wild, but they are still the top prey for many predators. Human beings can turn them into delicacies in no minutes.

However, the main concern is the wild predators. Their greatest enemies are the wild cats, coyotes, wolves, snakes, hawks, owls, sorrel, privet, yew, etc.

Domesticated guinea pigs have the slimmest chance of surviving if taken to the wild. They have not learned the survival techniques required to flee or avoid predators.  But how do you know that your guinea pig disappeared because it has been killed by a predator?

Can you recall any commotion or kind of struggle from where you caged the guinea pig? If it disappeared when you were not around, check for blood stains or hair loss on the cage or ground.

Guinea pigs usually don’t just give in to predators. The fight can take a few minutes. Also, the predators may be struggling to get it out of the cage.

That can result in hair or bloodstains on the cage walls. It will only be challenging to know whether predatory animals are responsible or not if the pet slipped out of its cage.

If you cannot see any signs of predatory actions, there can be other reasons why your guinea pigs disappeared.

It Intentionally Escaped And Is Having Fun Somewhere With Another One

A caged pet can feel lonely because it thinks it is in captivity. It will get out of the cage at the slightest opportunity to free itself.

For Guinea pigs, the motives for escaping from their cage can be food or a mate. This situation can be controlled by proper feeding and keeping two guinea pigs of the opposite sex.

Your guinea pig can disappear in search of a mate. That usually happens if there is another guinea pig of the opposite sex in the neighborhood. Foods on the ground can also trigger this action. Just keep its food out of sight.

Before the disappearance, did you realize any behavioral changes? Did it show any signs of discomfort or boredom? If the cage is uncomfortable, it will try to get out.   

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It Was Stolen

Guinea pigs are cute and attractive. Caging them outdoors puts them at a high risk of being stolen or snatched by predators. So, when your guinea pig is missing, suspect anyone who appeared on your property on that day.

If you have a security camera on your home, you can replay the footage for the day you noticed the guinea pigs are missing.

A strange guest might have been tempted to take it away, though this situation is rare. Some malicious people might have seen meat and not a pet. Sorry about that, but you should accept the reality when it hits.

Also, kids can be curious and might have wanted to play with the cute animal. There can be chances that they opened the cage, and then the guinea pigs ran away.

That can happen whether the guinea pig cage is inside or outside. So, your kids should be the first suspects. Ask them to find out the truth. If they have nothing to do with it, look for another reason.

How To Find A Lost Guinea Pig?

If you are sure that your guinea pig’s disappearance is not related to predation or theft, you have a chance to find it.

Your search will also depend on when it went missing and whether its cage was indoors or outdoors. Regardless, you should embark on finding your guinea pig as soon as you know it.

Tips to Find A Lost Guinea Pig in the House

You can count yourself lucky if you lost your guinea pig indoors because the chances of finding it are more than 50%.

Secure The House

The first step is to check that there was no open door when the guinea pig went missing. That is the first assurance that you are looking in the right place. Now remove any substance that can poison it and close all windows and any other opening.

Continue to block staircases and closets. You may need to restrain your dogs and cats not to scare your guinea pigs unnecessarily.

Check Room By Room

Turn on the lights and check room by room. Look under the beds, chairs, and any other seemingly hard to reach. Close the door behind you once you have searched that room. Seal any gaps below the door panel to prevent the guinea pig from returning to it.

Set A Bait Trap

This is an alternative to checking room to room. It will save you the time and energy of looking everywhere. However, you need to ensure that the trap is safe and will not inflict any physical pain or cause emotional stress.

Set the bait at night if possible. That is the ideal time when the guinea pig is active and likely to come out to look for food.

Capturing Your Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs can be easily scared. It can, therefore, become tricky to catch them. If you spot it on the floor or anywhere, approach it stealthily from behind and throw a towel over it. That will make it stop and give you a chance to capture it.

Once captured, ensure your guinea pig is at ease and feels safe before returning it to the cage.

Tips to Find A Lost Guinea Pig Outside

What if you lost your guinea pigs outside? How can you find it? Your chances of finding guinea pigs outdoors are slim because of the predators and many hiding places on your property. Try the following tips:

  • Look around the house and garden. It is likely to hide under the flower or bushes.
  • Ask your neighbors if they have seen it. It is possible that your guinea pig ran into their house or went to their property for a mate.
  • Set a safe bet with veggies or the pet’s favorite food to see if it returns to eat.
  • Don’t form a search party. People can scare it away or accidentally step on it.

How To Prevent Guinea Pig Lost

Cage construction is crucial if you don’t want your guinea pigs to fall out. The mesh size relative to the guinea pig’s size is all that matters. Ensure that guinea pigs cannot squeeze through it. Consider the following sizes and materials for the cage:

  • Grid panels: 55.1 x 27.6 x 13.8 inches
  • Wire mesh 47 x 24 x 14 inches
  • Iron wire or pp plastic: 48.6 x 26.6 x 20.6 inches
  • Plastic: 46.9 x 22.8 x 24 inches
  • Timber and pine boards: 47 x 24 x 14 inches

The next factor to consider for the cage is the space. The pet should be active inside the cage. A spacious cage is easy to clean and gives the guinea pig more fun.

Protect your guinea pigs from predators. Make them safe by using a solid floor and cat proof cage. Also, don’t just place it anywhere. The place should be adaptable, which should be draft-free. Avoid elevated surfaces.

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Will guinea pigs try to escape?

Yes or No. Guinea pigs are usually afraid of being picked up. They will try to escape if there is a constant commotion where they are caged. But if handled properly, they trust the owners and become settled in their new home.

What do I do if I can’t find my guinea pig?

It is unfortunate if you can’t find your guinea pig. Sorry to say, but it most likely ran away into the wild or been picked up by predators. If you can’t find it in your house or in the neighborhood, you can let go and find another one to replace.

Where do guinea pigs hide in the house?

Like all other rodents, guinea pigs will also try to hide if they escape from their cages. Search in places such as boxes, PVC pipes, under the beds, under the furniture, dark corners, laundry basket, etc. Provided they can hide, the place will be ideal for them.

Wrapping Up

Guinea pigs can fall out of their cages. Use an appropriate guinea pig cage and the best construction material. Also, guarantee your guinea pigs comfort and safety. But if it is lost, look for it immediately. It can hide indoors or outdoors.

Thank you for reading this article at the Petsive. We hope you now know what to do when you have lost your guinea pigs and how to prevent the incident from recurring. 

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