Do Guinea Pigs Eat Their Poop? 4 Fun Facts

Do you worry about your guinea pig eating their poop and want to know the reason behind it? You must be wondering what are the benefits behind guinea pigs eating their own poop and why some piggies do not consume their poop at all.

Many people search for the answer to guinea pigs eating their own poop and what are its advantages. This habit is quite unnatural to a newbie guinea pig owner. 

But this behavior is absolutely normal as the process of eating poop is considered a healthy behavior in the life cycle of guinea pigs.

Through this article, we will explain to you the reason why guinea pigs eat their own poop, how much poop they consume, and what are its advantages.

We will cover all the important aspects of the topic to let you know the reason and some facts which will clear all your doubts.

Do Guinea Pigs Eat Their Poop?

Yes, guinea pigs do eat their own poop and there is no harm behind it as it is essential for their health and digestive system. Guinea pigs get protein from their poop as these feces contain vitamin K, vitamin B-complex.

As a new owner, you might panic seeing your piggie eating their own poop but do not worry as this behavior is completely normal and natural. Guinea pigs need essential nutrients which they get from their poop.

Do Guinea Pigs Eat All Their Poop?

No, guinea pigs eat only cecotropes. They produce two types of poops, one is normal poop and the second is cecotropes poop or c-poop. 

One of the poops is hard, solid, and almost black that can be seen around their cage. The second one which is called cecotropes poop (c-poop) is considered softer than the normal poop and it is much brighter, almost yellowish.

The cecotropes which are produced by guinea pigs in the night or early morning are known as night feces or soft feces.

Cecotropes are essential for the health of guinea pigs as they are filled with essential nutrients and some vitamins like vitamin B, vitamin C, and vitamin K. 

Do All Guinea Pigs Eat Their Poop?

Yes, the majority of guinea pigs eat their poop which is perfectly normal and natural as they need vitamins. The whole process of producing cecotropes and then consuming them again is known coprophagy. 

But the guinea pigs who are suffering from severe health issues and malnutrition do not eat their feces. Sick guinea pigs have been known to steal the poop of their fellow piggie.

Why Do Guinea Pigs Eat Their Poop?

Guinea pigs eat their poop because these cecotropes are filled with strong nutrition. These feces also have several essential vitamins, including vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B and almost twice the protein and only half the fiber content of normal dark poops. 

Dark and hard feces do not have much protein and fiber compared to soft poop. Guinea pigs are smart and they know when and how much poop they need to consume when their digestion needs improvement. 

As we know guinea pigs live in the wild so, they did not have much food with them. They developed the habit of eating their own poop as it helps them absorb the leftover nutrients.

If you spot them eating their poop then do not bother as it is helpful for their digestive system. Guinea pigs are herbivores and it is difficult to digest plants without eating their own poop.

Provides Essential Nutrients

The poop provides guinea pigs with nutrients that are necessary for their health. Cecotropes are very beneficial for guinea pigs digestive system because these feces can contain a lot of good bacteria. 

Vitamin K helps guinea pigs to make their bones healthy and also regulates the calcium levels in the blood. 

Vitamin B is necessary for all organs in the body and it also breaks down the proteins and carbs that are consumed. 

Getting enough B vitamins, the guinea pigs will have good digestion, healthy skin tissues, and healthy nerves.

Improve The Digestive System

Another advantage of cecotropes is that they are rich in fiber which helps to improve the digestive system of guinea pigs.

The digestive system of guinea pigs is very fast and they sometimes do not absorb all the nutrients from their first consumption. 

The piggies eat their poop to solve this issue as this process helps them move and digest food through their bodies easily.

How often Do Guinea Pigs Eat Their Poop?

Guinea pigs poop regular hard pellet poops from 100 to 200 times per day. They produce cecotropes much less often, usually just at night and they eat it directly from their bottom.

When you see your piggie turning their heads towards the back end then it means they are eating their poop. 

They gulp their cecotropes down as soon as it comes out and start chewing after cleaning their back. 

Do Guinea Pigs Eat Each Other’s Poop?

Yes, it is very natural and normal for guinea pigs to eat each other’s poop. 

You need to worry if your guinea pig is not eating their poop as it is a sign of serious health issues and malnutrition. 

A Guinea pig who is sick needs antibiotics in order to recover. To restore the biome of your sick guinea pig, you can take cecotropes from healthy piggie and feed them to your unhealthy ones. 

The poop of a healthy guinea pig will help your unwell piggie to get some of the good bacteria and to recover soon.

Can Dogs Eat Guinea Pig Poop?

Yes, dogs do eat the guinea pigs poop as they love its odor and can detect it with the help of their senses. 

Due to the lack of nitrogen, the poop of guinea pigs has no strong smell. 

A healthy dog just as they are curious, sometimes, can eat guinea pig poop but dogs who suffer from a lack of iron, folate, and protein in their diet, usually do this more often.

If your dogs eat the poop of healthy guineas then it will not cause them any harm. But if your dog consumes the poop of sick guinea then it can disturb their stomach and you should stop them eating it. 

The poop of sick guinea pigs contain toxins that can be dangerous to dogs.

If you want to stop your dog from eating the poop of guinea pigs then provide them with a balanced diet as it will fulfill all their nutritional requirements. 

Another method to stop them is to keep them away from the cage of guinea pigs and make sure their poop is disposed of in the area where your dog can not reach.

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Is It Normal To Guinea Pigs If They Don’t Eat Their Poop?

No, if your piggie is not consuming their c-poop then it means they are suffering from severe health diseases and malnutrition. 

If one of your guinea pigs is sick then you can provide him with the poop of another healthy piggie as it will help them heal soon.

Also, It is advisable to take your guinea pig to a vet as it might be a complication of some serious sickness.

Wrapping Up

As a guinea pig owner, you should not be concerned if your cavy eats their own poop as it is a very natural and normal behavior. 

It might seem gross to you but consuming their own poop helps guineas get various health benefits which include improving their digestive system too.

As we know guinea pigs eat plants and grass and cecotropes provide help to consume all nutrition that exists in plant-like food. The cavies complete their nutritional requirements by eating their poop consistently. 

Not only poop but guinea pigs eat their dropping too. You should be worried if your piggie is not consuming their poop at all as it means they are suffering from serious health problems and malnutrition.

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