Do Guinea Pigs Like To Cuddle?

One of the main reasons why people choose to keep pets is for their cuddly company. Therefore, prospective guinea pig owners may be interested to know whether guinea pigs like to cuddle or not.

This article will explore the topic of guinea pigs and cuddling and at the end of it, you will have sufficient information to decide if a cavy is for you or not. 

If you already have one, you will get useful tips on how to increase the love between you and your pet, and to make the most out of your physical interactions.

Do Guinea Pigs Like To Cuddle?

Yes. When a guinea pig is happy and content, it will readily cuddle with its owner. Nevertheless, this is also dependent on its breed, personality, and how its past interactions with human beings have been.

A number of factors will play a role in your piggie’s desire to be cuddled. For instance, some guinea pig breeds are calmer and friendlier than others.

Texels and Teddies, for example, are known to be loving and cuddly as long as the owner takes good care of them.

The care conditions under which a guinea pig is raised definitely plays a role in their receptiveness to cuddling.

A guinea pig that is kept in a very tiny cage in a noisy environment where there are no toys is unlikely to be quick to cuddle. This also rings true for a piggie that is dealing with aggression from others within the cage. 

It is also important to provide sufficient food and water for the pet, and to ensure that they are kept free of parasites such as mites as much as possible. Being cuddled is likely to be the last thing on the mind of a cavy that feels uncomfortable.

Also, as a new pet owner, it is important to ensure that you allow ample time for the guinea pig to grow close and familiar with you.

If the pet is adopted from a previous owner, it is expected that they will need time to get used to the new environment and owner.

Do not pick them up forcibly as this may cause aggression and/or stress in the pet.  Gradual petting while offering them treats may quicken your bonding and have you cuddling in no time.

Signs That Your Guinea Pig Love You

Some guinea pigs are amenable and easily fall in love with their human friends. You can tell that they have grown to like you when they accept to be touched without flinching or attempting to escape.

Piggies are generally timid and when uncomfortable in your presence, they don’t react positively to being touched.

A guinea pig also shows their love by being calm when petted. When it feels threatened, the piggy may become aggressive and try to bite you in self-defense.

Be sure to introduce them to petting gradually as they get used to your voice and scent.

When they can sense consistent friendliness from you, they will peacefully allow you to pick them up and cuddle.

Moreover, if you have noticed that the pet follows you around the house, chances are high that they actually love your presence. They may take this further by gently nibbling on your toes or shoes, sometimes when you least expect it. 

You will also know that your pet adores you when they are able to eat from your hand. This is one of the cutest and loudest means of communicating that they are comfortable in your presence.

Just be sure to allow them ample time to gradually get to this level of fondness with you.

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6 Tips To Make Guinea Pig More Like to Cuddle

There are several easy tips that you could use to encourage your guinea pig to be a cuddler. Allowing them to settle down in their new environment, ensuring that they are well taken care of, and being patient are some crucial measures.

Feeding time is an especially appropriate time for bonding, and you can use food to win it over and make it easier to cuddle with. 

Give Your Guinea Pig Time to Adapt

The new environment and human faces that your guinea pig is suddenly confronted by may be intimidating at first.

However, you can help it settle in faster by building trust between you. One of the most appropriate ways of achieving this is by giving the cavy sufficient time to adjust to the new setting.

It is important not to scramble to pet or hold it too soon as this may stress the poor rodent. Talking gently to it while offering little treats may help it adjust a little faster to your face.

Make Sure Your Guinea Pig Is in Ideal Cage

An ideal cage of the right size will help keep your piggie in the right mood and make them more receptive to cuddling.

The minimum advisable size in square feet is approximately 7.5, though a larger one will likely be more suitable. This ensures that there is sufficient space for its toys as well as for it to roam around.

It is also advisable to get your pet a companion so that it is not lonely and stressed. Be sure to pair it nicely with its mate to prevent bullying or other forms of aggression between them.

It may be important to observe them together for a while before making the final decision on setting it up with a particular newbie.

A companion may come with the need for a more spacious cage. If not large enough already, get a larger cage beforehand. Furthermore, having toys in the cage will serve to distract and give them sufficient exercise especially when you step out of the house.

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Use Food To Build Trust with Your Guinea Pig

Food and hand feeding is always a good way to build trust and fondness with your pet. Sufficient food and water will work to keep the pet healthy so that it is willing to socialize with you.

Treats may help take the fondness a little further when used for positive reinforcement.

For instance, offering treats while gently petting the cavy will make it friendlier in its behavior towards you.

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Keep Guinea Pigs Healthy and Happy

This entails ensuring that they have sufficient food and drink, are kept in clean cages, and are generally in an environment free from noise or lurking predators.

Moreover, having toys in their cage helps to keep them active and healthy and ready for friendly interactions.

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Proper Cuddles

Gently picking up your pet with its limbs facing downwards and one arm supporting its chest is important in ensuring its comfort when you are looking for a cuddle.

You may need to further support its hind legs with the other hand so that it doesn’t feel out of balance. 

Talking gently to it while cuddling further sets its mind at peace, and makes the cavy more receptive to future cuddles. 

Be sure not to hold it too tightly as this may make it aggressive and restless, or to hold it for long periods of time. If the cavy begins to squirm around, it may be your cue to set it down. 

Finally, if the pet is still new in your home, allow it ample time to get familiar with its surroundings without forcing physical interactions.

Be Patient and Gentle

The key to making your guinea pig want to cuddle lies in getting it to trust you. Allowing it sufficient time to get accustomed to the new surroundings, speaking gently to it through its cage, taking good care of it nutritionally, and allowing it to roam outside the cage may help in this regard.

Guinea pigs are naturally aware of the existence of predators and without patiently breaking down its walls of defense, you may not have a strong bond that allows for cuddling. The important thing is not to force anything before the piggy is ready.

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Wrapping Up

Guinea pigs are generally friendly and calm pets, and cuddling comes naturally to them under the right circumstances. Building a friendly bond with a cavy, ensuring it is well cared for, and allowing it ample time to get used to its new home will play a crucial role in preparing it for that first cuddle.

It is also important to remember that guinea pigs differ in personality and breed type, and this may further play a role in their ability to cuddle.

Knowing how to tell if the cavy loves you and learning how to hold it will enrich your cuddling sessions. This will put you on the path to a special companionship with your furry friend.

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