The Ultimate Guide To Black Guinea Pig

Over the years, guinea pigs have become popular family pets for lots of animal lovers. This is because they are very sociable, cheap to buy, and very easy to take care of.

Another thing is that there are several guinea pig morphs out there, which can be quite confusing to you as a new owner.

One of the guinea pig morphs available is the black guinea pig. Several breeds of guinea pigs are black in color, and they have distinct traits and variations.

Welcome to the world of black guinea pigs. In this article, we will help highlight everything you need to know about black guinea pigs, from whether they are rare to the types of black guinea pigs out there.

Are Black Guinea Pigs Rare?

The rarity of a black guinea pig will depend on the breed that you are looking for. For instance, a black American guinea pig is common unlike a black Texel guinea pig. 

What Breed Is a Black Guinea Pig?

Guinea pigs can be black across several breeds. The darkest colors seen on guinea pigs are black and chocolate. However, you can differentiate the two colors with the presence of a slight brown tone in chocolate guinea pigs.

There are several breeds that you can consider when searching for a black guinea pig. Some of them are

American Guinea Pig

The American guinea pig is the oldest and the most common breed of guinea pig. According to records, the American guinea pig was domesticated around 5000 BC in the western part of the Andes Mountains.

You can easily identify them by their short and smooth coat, which sticks to their body with no fancy rosettes.

They usually have one solid color known as self-coat or patterned. Some of the common American guinea pig colors are brown, white, ginger, black, etc.

It is more common to find a self black guinea pigs in the American guinea pig breed than in other breeds.

American guinea pigs require little grooming but shed and can cause allergic reactions to their owners. They usually grow to around 8-16 inches and can weigh about 3lbs.

The average cost of an American guinea pig is about $25.

Abyssinian Guinea Pig

The Abyssinian guinea pig is also among the oldest known guinea pig breeds. Many believe that they are called Abyssinian because they originate from the ancient Abyssinian region now known as Ethiopia.

However, they do not originate from the region, but there is no record of where they originated from.

You can easily recognize them by their long hair, including rosettes that form ridge-like patches on their skin. They are known to be very friendly and love to explore. They are not suitable for younger children because of their high energy.

Abyssinian guinea pigs are available in multiple colors and are a suitable breed if you are searching for a guinea pig with long black hair. They can grow to around 8-12 inches long, but the female is usually shorter than this.

The average cost of an Abyssinian guinea pig is $50.

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Peruvian Guinea Pig

Peruvian guinea pigs are an old guinea pig breed that is commonly found in Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina.

They were introduced to Europe in the late 19th century before making their way to America. The main thing about the Peruvian guinea pig is their coat.

They have a long, soft, and straight coat that covers their body. Their topcoat can grow to about 24 inches long, while the undercoat grows to around 6 inches long.

Peruvian guinea pigs also have a rosette on their head, which looks like a cowlick curl on their head.

It is recommended that you groom them regularly to avoid hair matting. Peruvian guinea pigs are usually found in bi or tri-colors, mainly in white and gray mixes. However, you can also find black or black roan Peruvian guinea pigs.

Roan guinea pigs are usually black but have white hairs dispersed through their coat. The average cost of a Peruvian guinea pig is $40.

Teddy Guinea Pig

Teddy guinea pigs are considered the friendliest breed of guinea pigs. They love spending time with humans but do not like sharing their space with other species. The most notable feature in teddy guinea pigs is their upturned nose.

Teddy guinea pigs also have a short rough coat that curls like that of a teddy bear. You will find them in several colors and color combinations and can grow to about 12 inches long.

They also weigh 1-4lbs, and they require regular grooming to help keep their hair full and healthy.

Black teddy guinea pigs are common as many breeders interbreed them with American guinea pigs. The average cost of a Teddy guinea pig is $30. 

Texel Guinea Pig

The Texel guinea pig was once a sub-breed of a guinea pig but recently got recognized as a distinct breed. They are known for their springy coat, which gives them a curly look. Texel guinea pigs have long, curly fur but hang on their body in lovely ringlets.

The good thing is that they don’t need much grooming because brushing can be hard on their coat. Texel guinea pigs can grow to around 8-10 inches long and live for around ten years.

Finding a black Texel guinea pig is quite rare, and you may need to look for a reputable breeder to get one.

The average cost of a Texel guinea pig is $50. 

Black Guinea Pigs Care

Caring for black guinea pigs is similar to other guinea pigs breeds out there. You will need to provide a sturdy cage with tunnels and hideaways where they can hide. They will also need a food bowl and water bottle in their cage.

Apart from the cage, you will also need to feed your guinea pig with hay, fresh green grass, vegetables, and ripe fruits. There are also pellet food options suitable for your guinea pigs rich in Vitamin C.

A longer-haired black guinea pig will also require regular grooming to help ensure their fur does not get tangled and matted.

Regular grooming will also help to prevent mites, fleas, and other skin issues on your guinea pig. Although guinea pigs are not susceptible to disease, older guinea pigs can develop health problems if they lack some nutrients in their diet like Vitamin C.

Guinea pigs can develop health issues like scurvy or arthritis if they lack Vitamin C in their diet. It can be quite difficult to determine when your guinea pig is sick or not because they have the instincts to hide their sickness.

This is why it is important that you watch your guinea pig closely to help determine their health status.

How Much Is a Black Guinea Pig?

The cost of a black guinea pig will depend on the type of breed that you want to buy. Like other breeds, a common black guinea pig will cost around $10-$50. However, you can spend up to $200 to get a rare black guinea pig breed.

In Short

You can find black guinea pigs in different breeds of guinea pigs. The rarity of a black guinea pig will depend on how rare the breed you are seeking is.

Black guinea pigs will make great friends and companions for years if you ensure that they stay healthy and active.

Furthermore, black guinea pigs require the same care as their counterparts, and you don’t have to worry about keeping them with other cavies.

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