The Ultimate Guide to Texel Guinea Pig

Are you thinking of adopting a texel guinea pig? and want to know every small detail about them. You must be wondering what is the difference between a texel guinea pig and other pigs.

Many pet owners want to know the typical behavior, food requirements and temperament of texel guinea pigs. Texel guinea pigs are actually one of the most unique breeds.

Through this article, we will discuss what texel guinea pigs look like, their food and grooming requirements and much more to clear all your doubts regarding the same.

The Ultimate Guide to Texel Guinea Pig

There are total of 13 breeds of guinea pigs which include, Abyssinian guinea pigs, American guinea pigs, Texel guinea pigs, Peruvian guinea pigs, Silkie guinea pigs, Sheba guinea pigs, Coronet guinea pigs, Lunkarya guinea pigs, Rex guinea pigs, Baldwin guinea pigs, Alpaca guinea pigs, Teddy guinea pigs, and skinny guinea pigs

Texel guinea pigs are one of the most popular breeds and they need special care due to their long and curly coat compared to other guinea pigs. This breed has been rapidly growing ever since it was developed. 

NameTexel Guinea Pig
OriginEngland in the 1980s
Size700-1200 grams, 8 to 10 inches,
Coatlong and curly
Lifespan5 to 10 years
Colorsblack, white, gold, and even a mix of colors.
Temperamentfriendly and docile nature, and patient demeanor
Diet80% hay, 20% nuggets/veggies
Suitable forexperience owners
Texel guinea pig detail


The Texel breed was developed in England in the 1980s. American Cavy Breeders Association (ACBA) officially recognized this breed in 1988 and it has been expanding in popularity ever since.

Just like other cavies, texel guinea pigs also need a clean, spacious, and ventilated place to live in. As they are social animals, they love to stay in groups of two or three. 

Male Texel guinea pigs are usually a little longer than female pigs. Sometimes, even male guinea pigs are heavier than female pigs but this happens rarely.

Texels live for 5 to 10 years but genetics, diet and overall health plays a vital role in their lifespan.

Appearance and Colors

Texel guinea pigs with different colors

Texel guinea pigs are quite similar to Silky guinea pigs in appearance and they have a variety of colors including black, white, gold, and even a mix of colors. 

Their body weight is between 700 – 1200 grams and they grow between 8 to 10 inches in size. 

Texels have a round face with a broad body and neck. Some texel guinea pigs have slightly shorter bodies compared to other pigs.

Their long and curly hair is the reason for taking care of them is a big responsibility so, it is advisable to keep them as pets if you are experienced and can groom them regularly.

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Typical Behavior and Temperament

Texel guinea pigs are very docile, friendly, sweet and affectionate.

They have a calm and patient demeanour but also have a quite mischievous nature so it is advisable to not leave them alone to avoid any trouble. 

Texels need to be handled gently so, if you have children at home then do teach them to play with cavies carefully. 

Due to their docile nature, they are not as active as other guinea pigs but some texels are more active than others.

Conservation Status

Texel is the new breed that is quite rare and they are one of the smallest guinea pigs. Most of the guinea pigs including texels are in no danger of extinction and IUCN’s Red List of Threatened Species listed them as ‘least concerned’. 

Texels and other breeds no longer exist in the wild. 

Texel Guinea Pig Care

Texel guinea pigs need a lot of care as they are high maintenance pigs. But the basic needs of texels are the same as other cavies as they also need a neat and clean, big and ventilated place to stay. 

The fur of texel guinea pigs need to be brushed carefully using a soft brush. They need more grooming compared to other breeds due to their long curly coats and it gets quite difficult to remove dirt from their tangled hair.

While giving a bath to your texel guinea pig, use animal shampoo, soft towels, a hairdryer, and a washbasin. Adopt them only if you can spend time grooming them regularly.

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House Requirements

Just like other guinea pigs, texels also need a spacious, well-ventilated and clean space to live in. Texels are docile and friendly in nature so they get along very well with other guineas, so you can keep another piggie with them. 

Make sure to let the texels play outside their cage as no animal loves to stay in their cage all day. Do purchase plenty of toys for your texel as they love to play with them. 

It is advisable to keep your texel and other piggies in temperatures around 65 and 79 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Food Requirements

The most important part of the Texel guinea pigs diet is hay as it provides them with a good amount of fiber and helps them keep their teeth short. Hay also helps to improve the digestive system of texels. 

Vegetables are another vital part of the Texel guinea pig diet as they get vitamin C from them. The texels love fruits too but make sure to give these sweet treats very often as they contain a lot of sugar.

Apart from hay and vegetables, texels also need a small amount of guinea pig pellets or nuggets every day. To keep your guinea pigs fit and healthy, make sure to give them pellets that are low in fat and contain vitamin C.

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Grooming Requirements

Due to long and curly coats, texel guinea pigs need consistent grooming every day as their hair gets tangled very easily. 

Use a bristle brush to comb their hair and be gentle while combing. 

Do not brush harshly or try to avoid pulling their hair while brushing them. You need to give time to time baths to your texel guinea pig when they start smelling or get dirty.

While cleaning the ears of your texel, use an ear cleaner to damp cotton swab tip then rub it gently over the surface of your piggy’s ears. 

If your texel guinea pig has blocked ears then visit a vet for a checkup. 

Texel Guinea Pig Health Problems

Texel guinea pigs often catch diseases that include diarrhea, dental disorders, scurvy, metabolic disorders, and respiratory diseases. You need to keep your guinea pig’s cage clean and maintain a hygienic environment to avoid any disease.

Texels should be kept at a cool temperature during the month of summer as they are sensitive to intense temperatures. It helps them prevent dehydration and heatstroke. 

Do give regular baths to your texel guinea pig to avoid any skin problem. To prevent your piggie from skin problems such as parasites and mites, you need to brush and trim their hair daily.


Breeding Texel guinea pigs is not difficult just like other guineas. Female guinea needs to be no older than 10 months old to give birth naturally. If she is older, then she will need a C-section.

Guinea pigs pups are born with teeth and fur and the best thing is they can easily move since the day they are born. Initially, they get breastfed by their mother but start eating hay shortly after birth. 

How Much Does Texel Guinea Pig Cost?

Texel guinea pigs cost between $20- $50. Sometimes the high demand for them makes the prices higher and they cost $75 in some cases.

Try to buy a texel guinea pig from a reputable breeder who can provide you with an initial health guarantee. Buying these pets from general pet shops makes it difficult to assess their health.

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Are Texel Guinea Pigs Good Pets?

Yes, Texel guinea pigs are amazing pets as they are extremely affectionate, friendly, and calm. 

But adopt them only if you have time to take care of them as they need regular grooming and a good amount of care.

Texel Guinea Pig with Other Guinea Pigs

As we know Texel guinea pigs are also social animals just like other breeds. They can feel anxiety, boredom or depression if they are left alone. So they always need a companion.

Texel guinea pigs get along very well with other breeds of guinea pigs as well because they love interacting and playing with others.

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Wrapping Up

Texels are good for experienced owners as they need regular grooming so their long, curly coats do not get tangled or dirty. If you can take care of texels every day then you can have them as a pet.

Texel guinea pigs can make a good pet if you keep taking care of them properly by fulfilling all their requirements.

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