4 Best Guinea Pig Hay Feeders

Hay is the main food for guinea pigs, and every guinea pig owner knows that a hay feeder is one of the most important accessories needed for raising guinea pigs.

However, with so many options out there, choosing a high-quality guinea pig hay feeder can be tricky. Read on to learn about our top 5 picks. 

Why Do Guinea Pigs Need Hay Feeder?

A hay feeder separates your guinea pig’s feeding hay from bedding hay, and thus significantly reduces wastage. When your piggy is hungry, it knows where to find hay.

The animal can neither scatter the hay all over nor poop and pee on it. And that means a hay feeder can help keep your guinea pig’s cage less cluttered. 

Buyer’s Guide: What To Look For in a Good Hay Feeder for Guinea Pigs?

When it comes to choosing a hay feeder for your guinea pig, making an informed decision is the key. Choosing a good one is easier if you know what features actually make a hay feeder good. Here are three main factors to take into consideration: 

Safe and Non-Toxic

Safety should be the most important consideration. Make sure the feeder does not have sharp surfaces or edges. Screws or nails can severely injure your piggy. 

The opening of the hay feeder should be wide and smooth so that your guinea pig’s head does not get stuck. A larger opening will allow the animal to move its head comfortably. 

Size and Design

Make sure the hay feeder is not too large, because a large feeder will take up space and the animal will not have enough space to run around. The rack should fit your piggy’s home appropriately. 

Some feeders are designed for holding either hay or pellets, and others are for both. Choose one depending on your needs. In general, it is a good idea to choose a feeder that can be used for serving both hay and pellets. 

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Easy to Clean and Add Hay

For the health and well-being of your guinea pig, it is important to clean the hay feeder regularly. Buy one that is easy to clean. The manufacturer may provide instructions for cleaning the rack properly. 

Can It Be Attached to the Cage?

One of the purposes of using a hay feeder is to prevent feeding hay from getting mixed with the bedding. So, choose a rack that can be easily attached to your guinea pig’s cage. 


A hay feeder doesn’t have to be too fancy. You do not need to spend a large sum of money on it. Make sure the product is reasonably priced. 

4 Best Guinea Pig Hay Feeder and Their Reviews

There are plenty of guinea pig hay racks on the market, and we have chosen the best 4 out of them. When choosing them, we have taken all the above-mentioned factors into consideration. Here are our top 4 picks: 

ProductsSafe and Non-ToxicDesign Easily Get HayEasy to Clean and add hay
#1 Hay Guinea Pig Hay Feeder, Chinchilla Plastic Food BowYesVery easyVery easy
#2 Rabbit Feeder Bunny Guinea Pig Hay FeederYesEasyFairly easy
#3 Mkono Hay Feeder Less Wasted HayYesVery easyEasy
#4 Niteangel Grass and Food Double Use FeederYesEasyFairly easy
Comparison of best guinea pig hay feeder

1. Hay Guinea Pig Hay Feeder, Chinchilla Plastic Food Bowl

This hay feeder is designed for small animals such as guinea pigs, rabbits and chinchillas. There are several reasons why it’s our number one recommendation. It’s beautiful, durable, and super easy to clean. 

The feeder is made of durable, food-grade plastic. To prevent guinea pigs from biting it, stainless steel has been used to cover the edge of the lower layer. Cleaning the hay holder is easy because this part is removable

Thanks to its cross screw fixed design, the feeder can be easily attached to a horizontal or vertical wire cage. No tool is required to attach the cage and adjust its height. The product is available in three colors. 

This hay feeder has two layers: the upper layer is for hay and grass, and the lower layer is for other types of foods. The convenient design makes it easy to add hay. 

The design of this product is clear-cut, and there is nothing in it that can trap your piggy. It’s impossible for your guinea pig to get stuck in this hay feeder. So, rest assured that it will never happen, and the animal will always be safe. 

At $14.99, the product is on the cheaper side of the spectrum. It’s a really good hay feeder for this price, so chances are that the price will go up a little bit. 

Hay Guinea Pig Hay Feeder Pros and Cons:

– Safe raw materials
– Durable
– Convenient installation
– Easy to clean
– The bowl may be too deep for smaller guinea pigs
Hay Guinea Pig Hay Feeder Pros and Cons

2. Rabbit Feeder Bunny Guinea Pig Hay Feede

If you are looking for a minimalistic but useful hay feeder for your guinea pig, here is a great option for you. It has two racks: the upper layer is a hay rack, and the lower one is a bowl for serving other types of food items.

The feeder is ideal for small animals such as guinea pigs, chinchillas, and rabbits. 

It has a metal grille that helps keep the hay in place, making it easier for you to keep your piggy’s cage clean. The rack measures 5.9*7.1*5.9 inches, which is suitable for guinea pigs of all sizes

Refilling the feeder is easy, thanks to its convenient design. The hay rack is removable, and therefore easy to clean. The installation process is intuitive, and does not require any tool. 

This hay feeder, however, is not a very good choice for baby guinea pigs. The metal bar may be inconvenient for baby guinea pigs. Besides, the food bowl may be too deep for tiny piggies. 

This gorgeous feeder is relatively cheap, costing around $13 on Amazon. If you are tired of seeing your piggy eating and pooping at the same spot, this simple hay feeder will make you happy. 

Rabbit Feeder Bunny Guinea Pig Hay Feeder Pros and Cons: 

– Removable rack
– Minimalistic design
– Easy installation
– Baby guinea pigs may find the food bowl too deep
Rabbit Feeder Bunny Guinea Pig Hay Feeder Pros and Cons

3. Mkono Hay Feeder Less Wasted Hay

Mkono Hay Feeder is a simple but elegant hay feeder designed to reduce hay waste. The metal grate can hold a generous supply of hay in place. 

The product is made of non-toxic, durable plastic. To prevent your guinea pig from chewing the plastic, the front edge has been covered with metal. 

Thanks to the convenient design, the feeder can be easily connected to any wire cage. There is a two-piece locking mechanism. You can also place it in any other place that your piggy finds convenient. 

With this feeder, your guinea pig is unlikely to scatter small bits of hay. They will be captured in the underside plate. Adding hay to the rack is easy. 

This hay feeder is very easy to assemble. No tool is needed and it is also easy to clean. Its price is around $18. 

With a dimension of 5.5 x 3.5 x 7.4 inches, this feeder is suitable for both baby and adult guinea pigs. It may be a bit small for multiple guinea pigs. But if you take all other factors into consideration, this feeder is worth it. 

Mkono Hay Feeder Pros and Cons:

– Two-piece locking mechanism
– Front edge covered with metal
– Easy to clean
– May be too small for large guinea pigs
Mkono Hay Feeder Pros and Cons

4. Niteangel Grass and Food Double Use Feeder

If you are looking for a wooden feeder, this is the best option. This simple but elegant double-use food holder will definitely reduce your piggy’s hay waste. 

To hold pellets, it has a wooden tray. And to keep the hay clean there is a wooden fence. Your piggy can easily access the hay through the openings. 

You can easily attach the feeder to your guinea pig’s cage. It has a sturdy locking mechanism, but no additional tool is needed to attach it to a cage. 

Nightangel Rabbit Hay Feeder can also be used as a stand-alone feeder if you don’t want to attach it to a cage, for whatever reason.

Whether you attach it to a cage or use it as a standalone feeder, it’s safe and convenient. There is no risk of your guinea pig getting stuck in it. Using this feeder is a great way to prevent needless waste. This feeder will cost around $18 on Amazon. 

Niteangel Grass and Food Double Use Feeder Pros and Cons: 

– Made of wood
– Holds both hay and pellets
– Can be attached to a cage or used as a stand-alone feeder
– Durable
– Too small for multiple adult guinea pigs
Niteangel Grass and Food Double Use Feeder Pros and Cons

How Do You Use a Guinea Pig Hay Feeder?

Once you have bought a good hay feeder, using it is pretty easy. When you attach it to your guinea pig’s cage, make sure the hay is easily accessible. It should not be too high. Somewhere around their head level is perfect. 

There are many ways to decorate your guinea pig’s home, and a hay rack is not a necessary item. However, investing in one is worth it, because it helps you keep your piggy’s habitat clean and tidy

Add hay and clean the rack regularly. Your guinea pig’s health and well-being largely depend on the cleanliness of its surroundings and accessories

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Keeping a guinea pig as a pet is a lot more fun if you find a smart way to keep the cage clean. If you take the comfort and well-being of your guinea pig into consideration, a hay feeder is worth it.

We have discussed the 5 best guinea pig hay feeders, and we hope you will make an informed buying decision. 

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