4 Curly Haired Guinea Pig Breeds and 3 Interesting Facts About Them

Most guinea pig lovers choose breeds with curly hairs. That is because they are the cutest piggies you can ever find.

Their gorgeous appearances make them the favorite among pet lovers. If you are looking for new additions to your family, you can choose from these 4 curly haired guinea pig breeds.

Before choosing curly haired guinea pig breeds, you should know the facts about them. They come with additional maintenance tasks that you may find time-consuming.

What are these breeds, and what should you know about them? Read on for detailed information!

What Breed of Guinea Pig Has Curly Hair?

Different long-haired guinea pig breeds have this common feature of mane-like coats. However, they have unique features that make them special in their own way.

A percentage of long-haired guinea pigs have curly hairs, which are equally long. This feature is evident right from their young age.

Different guinea pig breeds with curly hair exist but are rare to find. If they are your preferred choice of pet, consider breeds such as Alpaca, Merino, Texel, and Lunkarya breeds.

Alpaca Guinea Pig

Alpaca guinea pigs got their name from the Alpaca Camelid of South America. That was so because they share the same thick curly hair characteristics. They also resemble the Peruvian guinea pigs if you compare their coats.

Alpaca guinea pigs are distinguished from other curly-haired breeds by the rosette on their heads and sometimes on the body.

This guinea pig breed is also sometimes confused by Texel. But if you are keen enough, you can see bangs that hang forward on Alpaca but absent in Texel guinea pigs.

A fully grown Alpaca guinea pig can get to a length of about 8-12 inches and weigh between 600-1200 grams. Their lifespan is about 4-6 years. You can find this guinea pig breed with a white, black, cream, roan, beige, brindle, or any other coat color.

Alpaca guinea pigs have long, curled hair that requires daily grooming, involving brushing and detangling. Due to this high maintenance, they are only recommended to experienced pet enthusiasts.

On the positive side, they are sweet and affectionate and enjoy the company of people and other cage mates.

However, Alpaca guinea pigs are rare. As a result, they are among the most expensive breeds in the market. An adult one will cost you at least 100 dollars upfront. They are also highly priced because of their beautiful, long, thick, curly hair.

Texel Guinea Pig

Texel guinea pigs are also known as Curlies because of their long, soft, thick fur that curls all over their bodies. They originated from England but can now be found in different parts of the world.

Texel guinea pigs generally have long hairs, with exceptions only behind their ears and along their jaw.

Texel guinea pigs can have solid, patterned, or mixed coat colors. You can choose from options available when buying them from a pet store. They are considered gentle, affectionate, calm, and friendly piggies ideal as family pets.

An adult Texel guinea pig can grow to a length of between 8-10 inches. They live longer than the Alpaca guinea pigs.

On average, you can enjoy the company of this guinea pig breed for about 5-10 years, provided it is healthy and eats the best diet.

Texel guinea pigs are not as rare as Alpaca breeds. However, their availability and pricing vary from region to region.

You can spend as low as 20 dollars in some areas, but the price can hike to $75 in places where the breed is rare. Visit a nearby pet store or breeder to inquire.

Due to the long, curled hair of Texel guinea pigs, they require daily grooming. You have to keep their coat free from tangles and dirt. It may not be the best for you if you have a busy schedule.

Merino Guinea Pig

Merino or English Merino guinea pigs have curly coats that resemble Texel. Their hair is short on their broadheads and appears in crest-like rosette patterns.

It is believed that Merinos are a cross between Coronet and Rex guinea pig breeds, which explains the resemblance with Coronet.

The coating density varies within this guinea pig breed. Some have voluminous long, curled hair, while others have just an average coat.

They are also often smaller, attaining between 4-11 inches in length. Merino guinea pigs can live for an average of 4-7 years.

Merino guinea pigs have curious, outgoing, and laid back kind of personalities. They are also sweet and gentle. Provided you can maintain them with a good diet and daily grooming, they can be the best addition to your family.

They are interactive and get along with every member of the family.

Like all other guinea pigs with curled hair, Merinos are a rare breed. They will cost you more than an ordinary American guinea pig.

If you can find it from a breeder, expect to pay about 30-70 dollars. Also, set aside an additional 40-60 dollars monthly for maintenance.

Lunkarya Guinea Pig

Lunkarya guinea pigs have long, disheveled coats. They are distinguishable from other guinea pig breeds with curly hair by their hair strands that form corkscrew-like curls. The hair coat is also dense and coarse, unlike the smooth texture of others.

This guinea pig breed has three variations: Lunkarya Sheltie, Lunkarya Coronet, and Lunkarya Peruvian.

Each of these has a distinguishing feature, but they all share the temperament of this breed. They can grow to about 4 to 12 inches in length and live for about 5-8 years.

Lunkarya guinea pigs are a mild-mannered and gentle breed. They cannot be classified as high-energy pets but are curious and like the company of people and other guinea pigs.

You can handle them quite easily if they trust you, which is advantageous for grooming.

Lunkarya is a rare guinea pig breed with an unkempt appearance. They are high-maintenance pets that we can only recommend to experienced pet lovers. They cost about 40-60 dollars from a breeder.  

How to Care Curly Haired Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are care-intensive. If you don’t have time for daily grooming required, curly-haired guinea pig breeds are not for you. Their coats need regular disentanglement and brushing, which may not fit in your tight schedule.

Curly-haired piggies are susceptible to overheating and flystrike. You may want to keep them indoors under controlled temperature because they are sensitive to heat. Grooming and proper hygiene in the cages can help control flystrike.

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How Much Is a Curly Haired Guinea Pig?

The cost of curly-haired guinea pigs depends on the breed, age, gender, health, and location. Some can cost you as low as 30 dollars, while others are highly-priced.

You can spend over $100 on a single guinea pig. Check the best price at a nearby pet store or breeder.

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Curly-haired guinea pigs are a true beauty. But if you cannot find them in your area, consider long-haired or short-haired guinea pigs.

Long-haired breeds such as Sheba, Coronet, Abyssinian, and Silkie are the best choice of family pets. Alternatively, you can go for the American guinea pig if you love short-haired breeds.

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In Short

Curly-haired guinea pigs are phenomenal pets. They are stunning and have laidback personalities, making them the best family pet.

However, they are rare to find and require high maintenance to keep their coats tangle-free. Be ready to properly take care of them before buying them.

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